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2 Reasons You Want to Make Sure Your Home Network is Up to Par

Keeping Your Home Network Up to Date Is More Important Than Ever Now That the Kids Are Spending More Time at Home

2 Reasons You Want to Make Sure Your Home Network is Up to Par

Having a top-notch home network is a key component of any modern household in Chesapeake, VA.  Everyone is spending more time at home these days.  Mom is having conference calls in the dining room via Zoom, Dad is hanging out with a personal trainer on Skype, and the kids are now needing to work with tutors and teachers via virtual classrooms.

Whether it’s for education or entertainment, your home networking plays an important role in your home. Households in Chesapeake, VA know that consulting professionals about the upkeep of their home network is critical to ensuring everyone has the connection they need no matter how heavy your network usage is. But with the kids at home all day, you also need to keep your network safe for them to use.

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1. Keep Your Kids and Network Safe

As we continue to advance as a society, kids are getting smartphones and the like at earlier and earlier ages. There are many benefits to this such as being able to call and communicate with your child wherever they are along with technology such as GPS tracking.

There is also a great risk associated with kids having devices that can access the internet, even within your own home. There are many websites that are not appropriate for children and having parental controls set up on your home network can help keep your kids safe. Hiring a professional can help gives you the peace of mind that everyone in your household stays secure and safe when using devices that can access the internet.

Since kids could be more prone to clicking on suspect links, it’s also vital to bolster your network security with firewalls, encryption and even dedicated networks for your more vulnerable solutions like your security or surveillance systems.

2. Sharing and Streaming are Key Components To Your Kids’ Educational and Entertainment Experience at Home

Today, schoolteachers are operating within what can be called a virtual classroom. Classes can be hosted on Zoom or pre-recorded and available to stream online. Making sure your home network connection is strong ensures that your kids will be able to view streaming classes without any difficulty. A strong home network connection is just as important when the kids are taking a break from school and want to watch something entertaining.

Along with bolstering your bandwidth to meet these streaming demands, we also recommend extending the reach of your network. Make it easy for children to find their ideal classroom location by making a high-performance signal available to them anywhere in the home.

Let’s Make Sure Your Home Network is Up to the Task

Don’t waste another second. Get in contact with us now so that we can help you get your home network in tip-top shape for working, studying, entertaining and more. Contact us by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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