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Why Your Home Network Installation Is Vital to Your Smart Home

Building a smart home from the ground up? Don’t neglect the foundation.

Why Your Home Network Installation Is Vital to Your Smart Home

If you’re building a brand-new smart home, you’ve been given endless possibilities. Without the walls up or anything set in stone, you still have complete control over what happens within your Tidewater, VA, residence and how each system connects to a vast network of audio, video, security and lighting capabilities.

You’re about to learn where having a trusted integrator comes in handy, especially if you’re constructing a sizeable property. At WSC Audio Video, we perform home network installations for a nearly limitless number of devices and access points—even outdoors.

Take advantage of this short opportunity window by ensuring your property is strong enough to support an exciting, innovative future that includes all the technology that your family might need. Keep reading to learn some compelling reasons to make your network a priority. 

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We Use Top-of-the-Line Technology

We use a Control4 product called Pakedge, which segments your network capabilities into distinct zones for audio and video, home automation, security, outdoor and more. Pakedge ensures that no channel gets overcrowded with information. As a result, you get an incredibly low-latency network that you can count on for a diverse set of needs.

Many people without the new-build advantage—or without a trusted installer on their side—opt to call their internet provider, who tries to upsell them on a higher-priced service package instead of seeking a sustainable option. Cut through the band-aid solutions by connecting your home during construction!

Large Homes Require Extra Reach

At WSC, we’ve learned from our years of experience that wiring a system while the walls are still open ensures that customers will get a network that reaches every far corner of their home. The zoning that Pakedge provides goes a long way in larger properties, giving residential clients the enterprise-grade speed they find in a modern office.

Routers often seem like a viable idea for homes but hardly offer a long-term solution. For one thing, routers only cover about 1,500 square feet of your home, so you’d need to buy a bundle of routers merely to get mediocre coverage. Range extenders won’t help you much, either: They only confuse your network with competing bandwidth slowing your current system down.

Summer Is Coming!

With warmer weather comes more opportunity to enjoy your network. For example, you can listen to audio outside on your patio or stream movies from your poolside A/V system.

But without an adequate network, your best-laid audio and video plans will get ruined. How? Without a system that can handle the complex needs of audio and video-over-IP technology, you’ll end up with multiple interruptions to your video and music streaming.

Don’t even think about trying to get your indoor network to extend outdoors, as construction materials like brick and glass are nearly impenetrable. We can assess your outdoor needs and configure the components and access points that meet your unique requirements. One of the newer Pakedge products, WX-1, works brilliantly outdoors, providing clear signal without disruption.

Ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity to create a strong network that powers all your favorite devices? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to talk about your priorities, even before your walls go up. We’d love to hear from you!

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