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Take Your Party to the Next Level with Smart Home Automation

Smart Technology Sets the Scene for this Season

Take Your Party to the Next Level with Smart Home Automation

Planning for a big bash can seem a bit overwhelming – and when it’s at your own home, the pressure no doubt feels doubled.  Don’t let the stresses of hosting take away from the fun of an evening with friends and family!

Throwing the ultimate party in Virginia Beach, VA is easy with smart home automation.  From home lighting to integrated audio video, your automated system has top-notch features to entertain and delight your guests throughout the night.

Keep reading below to see how you can put your smart technologies to use for an exceptional party no one is likely to forget.

Top 5 Features of a Control4 System

How Control4 Stands Apart from the Rest

Top 5 Features of a Control4 System

In decades past, smart homes were considered a far-away futuristic fantasy.  Today, smart home technology is part of most of our lives – and homeowners expect top-notch smart home control systems to bring simplicity to everyday living.

You might be considering installing a home automation system in your Virginia Beach, VA living space, but are unsure of which brand is best for you.  We highly recommend the attractive Control4 system to change how you optimize your day-to-day life.

In this blog, we’ll show you why Control4 delivers high-quality services for any smart project you’re considering for your home.  Keep on reading below to learn more about what this system can do for you and why it stands apart from the rest.

Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Why a Strong Connection is Important for Your Home

Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Nowadays, we have loads of connected smart devices and technologies running and working at the same time throughout our homes.

Your family most likely has smartphone, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming services working all at the same time.  The more you have running simultaneously, the more likely it is that your home network is working overtime to keep up with all of them.

Each device is competing for bandwidth to preform .  Imagine that your network is a highway filled with traffic.  Each time you turn on your tablet to watch a video on Facebook or load up Netflix to play a new movie, you’re adding a new car onto the already busy road.  It’s more than likely that one technology will crash.

This is the reason you need a stable and updated home network installation for your Chesapeake, VA property.  Especially if you live in a larger home – a simple router just won’t do.

Keep reading below to see why a network installation is necessary, and how it can help improve your daily life using your automated features and tech.

Smart Technology Basics for Builders and Architects

Why Working with a Smart Home Company for a New Construction is Key

Smart Technology Basics for Builders and Architects

These days, homeowners are looking for their living spaces to have innovative and advanced smart technologies and features integrated into their homes.  The future is here and now!

As an architect or builder, that might seem quite overwhelming – if your clients want smart automation in their homes, how can you deliver it for them with as little stress as possible?

The good news is you don’t have to become an expert overnight.  That’s what a trusted smart home company is for.  With a team of professional integrators on your side, you can bring the latest tech to your Suffolk, VA homeowners.

Keep reading below to see the benefits, and how you can make the process easier than you ever expected.