How a Multi-Purpose Lighting Design Benefits Your Home

a living room with sofas and a brown center table

Experience beauty, functionality, and effortless control with a professionally designed lighting system

How your home’s aesthetics turn out greatly depends on the lighting design. The unique combination of different lighting fixtures brings your best décor and architectural features into the limelight. 

And a professionally designed lighting system can make all the difference in upscaling your home’s overall appearance. But that’s just one of the many benefits. Pros offer multi-purpose lighting styles that also factor in convenience, functionality, and more. 

Read on to discover how getting your lighting system designed by professionals benefits your home in Virginia Beach, CA. 

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Motorized Shades Offer Privacy, Beauty, and Convenience

motorized shades installed on glass windows

Discover why smart shades are much more than motorized window coverings 

When the sun is shining brightly through your windows, it offers a natural source of vitamin D and a general pick-me-up. However, it can also create a harsh glare on TV screens and laptops. To ensure it doesn’t hinder your view, you must close the shades to block out or filter the sunlight.

But with motorized shades, you won’t need to get up! Operate the shades from anywhere using a remote, tablet, or smartphone. And you can do so much more than open and close the motorized window treatments. Read on to discover how smart shades can transform the privacy, aesthetics, and comfort of your home in Chesapeake, VA. 

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What Can Lighting Automation Do for You and Your Home

a dining room with black chairs and a wooden table

Illuminate your home and your life with an intelligent lighting system

Add more ambiance to your home with lighting automation. While furniture, flooring, artwork, and your design motif contribute a great deal to the look of your rooms, it’s the lighting that puts it all in the best light possible. Smart lighting systems allow you to adjust brightness levels, hues, and temperatures to maintain the aesthetics you want. 

From highlighting decorative elements, such as artwork and furniture, to setting the scene in a room, the lighting system serves several functions with a button press. 

Read on to discover all the perks of having smart lighting technology at your home in Chesapeake, VA.

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Looking For a Blockbuster Holiday Gift?


Three Reasons Why a Home Theater Installation Is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

The holidays are great! Finding the perfect gift for each family member and friend, not so much. But what if you could find one gift to please everyone from junior to grandma? 

A home theater installation for your house in the Virginia Beach, VA area may be what you are
looking for. At WSC Home Audio Video, we have the brands and expertise to make it happen!

Whether it is a dedicated space or a high-end media room, designing, installing, and integrating it all is better left to the experts. 

Here are three reasons why a professional home theater installation is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. 

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