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Tips for Perfecting Your Home Theater Design

Make these upgrades to your home cinema for a truly immersive movie-watching experience

Tips for Perfecting Your Home Theater Design

Not everyone has the same preferences for home entertainment. Some might want to bask in a hot tub during cool evenings or wade in the pool in the heat of summer. Others can be content with distributed audio systems that allow them to hear music anywhere they go in their homes. But a home theater system is one thing that no one can say no to.

In addition, your home theater design can be inspired - not a cookie-cutter theme. So, get creative! WSC Home Audio Video is happy to provide guidance, design, and professional installation. 

Read on to learn the four best tips that will help you design the perfect home theater system for your household in Virginia Beach, VA.

3 Ways the Right Lighting Design Can Benefit Your Home

Enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy life with intuitive lighting control

3 Ways the Right Lighting Design Can Benefit Your Home

There’s one technology that you don’t have to be a high-tech wizard to use everyday—lighting. When it comes to our luxury clients in Virginia Beach, VA, lighting design and control are one of the most sought-after services. 

But lighting design does more than just highlight your home’s best features. From intuitive control to improved well-being, find out why a professional design is so vital. Read on to learn how your home can benefit from a lighting system.

Top 4 Reasons for Adding Home Security Solutions

Enjoy the added functionality and benefits of installing a security system

Top 4 Reasons for Adding Home Security Solutions

Do I really need a home security system? If this question keeps lingering in your mind, we assure you that every home needs security systems to ensure protection from external threats.Most homeowners associate security systems with surveillance cameras. While they are definitely a part of it, many other features offer countless benefits. Read on to discover the top 4 reasons your home in Virginia Beach, VA area needs home security solutions.


Enjoy The Thrills, Chills, And Wonderment Of Movies In The Comfort Of Your Home


The magic of storytelling is what movies are all about, about being moved in intoxicating and unexpected ways. Films provide a window into different worlds, and it is powerful stuff that makes us laugh, cheer, and cry-often, a range of emotions occurring within moments of each other. 

The cinema experience is an exceptional one. These temples of the moving image always bring with them a sense of excitement and anticipation. The act of sitting in a darkened room dedicated to watching events unfold on screen is unmatched by any other artistic medium.   

Continue reading below to see how a home theater system brings the drama and excitement of a superior sound and video to your household in the Virginia Beach, VA area.