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Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Why a Strong Connection is Important for Your Home

Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Nowadays, we have loads of connected smart devices and technologies running and working at the same time throughout our homes.

Your family most likely has smartphone, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming services working all at the same time.  The more you have running simultaneously, the more likely it is that your home network is working overtime to keep up with all of them.

Each device is competing for bandwidth to preform .  Imagine that your network is a highway filled with traffic.  Each time you turn on your tablet to watch a video on Facebook or load up Netflix to play a new movie, you’re adding a new car onto the already busy road.  It’s more than likely that one technology will crash.

This is the reason you need a stable and updated home network installation for your Chesapeake, VA property.  Especially if you live in a larger home – a simple router just won’t do.

Keep reading below to see why a network installation is necessary, and how it can help improve your daily life using your automated features and tech.


Hardwired System Vs. Wireless

You might think that a wireless connection for your internet and smart devices is the natural choice and will be the best option for your home.

But wireless, while requiring less work in the installation, won’t always have the strongest of connections – especially if there are weak points in your home with less coverage, or if you don’t have enough routers spread throughout your property.

A wired network solution is the answer.  A hardwired system will always work better than a wireless one, guaranteed.  You can set up wireless access points, that are essential in giving your home the most Wi-Fi coverage in every area and corner.

Hardwiring your network requires a bit more work during the setup process, but your professional integrator will handle all the details and plans for you.


A Safe and Secure Connection

Anytime you access the internet on your devices, you are opening up your home to security risks and threats.  You can prevent identity theft or hackers from accessing your private data by installing a strong home network.

Built-in firewalls will keep your files and private documents safe and secure, so that anytime you log on or use multiple devices to open any accounts – you’ll know you’re keeping your information and family well protected.

If you’re still concerned with who is accessing your internet, you can even create a separate guest network aside from your primary one.  This will let you easily manage the number of people who log onto it.

Take control over who uses your network and what for – this protection can be easily ensured with an upgraded home network installation.


Streaming 4K Videos

It’s almost second nature these days to open your smartphone and instantly play a video on any social media app.

But every time you hit play on a video, you’re taking up bandwidth on your network.  If you’re network is already overcrowded, like if your kids are playing different games on multiple devices, you might find your video buffering forever and other technologies in the home growing sluggish.

4K especially requires four times the usual resolution and bandwidth that a video usually needs.  But you can keep your videos from pausing and loading nonstop with a network upgrade.

A network installation will make sure that every time you push play on a video, it streams seamlessly from start to finish.


Want to learn more about getting a proper home network installation for your living space?  We’ve got you covered.  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to see even more of the reasons for why an upgraded network is essential.


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