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Why We Think Control4 is #1 For Smart Homes

As your local Control4 dealer, we’d like to share the system’s top benefits

Why We Think Control4 is #1 For Smart Homes

Control, convenience and luxury are all yours when you use a fully integrated system. You are probably wondering what it might be like to have a Control4 system in your Virginia Beach, VA smart home. Here at WSC Home Audio Video, we have plenty experience installing various Control4 products.

Since we’re a Control4 dealer, we work with their systems on a daily basis. We will give you an informed opinion about why their technology shines in smart homes. Keep reading to learn the unique benefits!

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Superior Integration

Control4 integrates with more 3rd party software than any other smart automation platform. From Sonos to Nest to most TVs, you can take comfort in the fact that Control4 works with most of your existing and future technology.

This feature makes Control4 one of the most seamless retrofitting products, too. Even if you worked with a different installer when building your home, or you moved into a house with a different home automation system, you can still add Control4 technologies to the mix. With an open software platform compatible with more than 12,000 devices across 300 brands, Control4 is a smart bet if you’re interested in a fully integrated, IoT-centered house.

Constant Connection

Control4 lets you monitor your home no matter where you are in the world. If you sign up for Control4’s optional program, 4Sight, you can fine tune and access your home even more easily with Intercom Anywhere. When someone rings the doorbell, you’ll get a phone call that shows you who is at your door and exactly what they’re doing. If it’s an authorized user, you can use your Control4 smart lock integration to unlock the door for them.

You can also call your home at any time to check on your family, welcome guests or monitor each room in the house. If you’re at home and missing a phone, you can use any wall panels to call a contact.

Voice Control

Control4’s Alexa integration ensures that when you give your home commands you will watch it transform — without lifting a remote. A simple voice command—such as "Alexa, turn on ‘Welcome’—turns on your lights, fires up your favorite radio station and locks the door behind you. also disabled or elderly family members, creating an accessible smart home that is easy to use for every resident.

Ready to experiment with Control4 in your home? We want to help you live your best life in your Virginia Beach smart home with our highly recommended automation system.

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