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Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Multi-Room Audio

Curious about what multi-room audio is and how it can improve your home? We’re answering all your questions here!

Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Multi-Room Audio

Is music a central part of home life for you and your family? If it is, then why not invest in a system that offers freedom, choice and easy control to everyone when it comes to playing music in your home in the Virginia Beach area?

A multi-room music installation can vastly simplify and improve the way you and your family access and listen to music. Today, the experts at WSC Home Audio Video are here to answers any questions you have and help you get started. Keep reading below!

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What Does a Multi-Room Audio Installation Look Like?

We know what you’re thinking: more rooms equal more clutter from wiring and equipment. But in fact, the opposite is true with a multi-room audio installation. Multi-room audio connects multiple speakers in your home to one system. The main system component — usually an AV receiver — is tucked away in a closet or storage room.

Wired or wireless speakers and soundbars in different rooms of your home all connect to the main receiver. We recommend hiring a professional integrator like WSC Home Audio Video to install your receiver and speakers. We can place hidden technology with in-wall, in-ceiling or custom-made bookshelf speakers if you prefer a minimal look for your audio equipment. For a wired setup, we can conceal long speaker cables in the floor or walls.

We recommend hiring an integrator because we can help you choose the right type and number of speakers you need for even sound coverage in each room.   

What Can You Do With Multi-Room Music?

With multi-room audio, you can listen to the music you want on your terms. You’ll have access to all your music sources: streaming services, stored playlists on your computer, the radio, and even CDs and vinyl records. You can play the same music throughout the entire house or choose different songs in every room.

Multi-room music is an amazing source of entertainment if your family has eclectic tastes and different schedules. The kids can listen to Disney soundtracks in the living room while you catch up with the nightly news on the radio as you prepare dinner. Later, the kids can fall asleep to soothing sounds from a white noise app while you and your spouse relax with smooth jazz and chat about your days. 

How Do You Control Multi-Room Audio?

Centralized control is one of the primary benefits of a multi-room audio system. You can select one or more interfaces to control your system — a smartphone, tablet, keypad or remote. From your smart device, you can access and select all your music sources, adjust the volume, skip between songs and send music to the speakers you want. Everyone in your family can download the control app to their phones so you can all access music when and where you want it.

Can You Listen to Music Outside?

Absolutely! With summer here, including outdoor sound with your multi-room audio installation is a fantastic way to extend your entertainment options. In a multi-room system, your backyard, patio or pool deck is another “room” in your home. A professional integrator can connect outdoor speakers with your indoor receiver and handle the necessary underground wiring. We’ll also help you choose the best weatherproof speakers for your outdoor design.

At WSC Home Audio Video, our team is ready to set up multi-room audio in your Virginia Beach, VA, home. Call us at 757-493-5000 or fill out an online contact form. You can also reach out using the chat box located in the righthand corner of your screen. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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