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Why You Should Work with an Integrator on Your Next Home Project

Smart Home Control Isn’t Easy, but WSC Audio Video Makes It Simple

Why You Should Work with an Integrator on Your Next Home Project

Though it might seem more affordable and convenient at first to buy and install your own smart home control, integrators have several distinct advantages over the big-box, DIY options that stores are peddling today. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through a few of the reasons that we recommend a professional installer for your complex home projects. Explore why expert installations far surpass any store-bought solution and why WSC Audio Video is the right choice for your Chesapeake, VA, home. We think you’ll reconsider even the most popular DIY shortcuts by the time you finish reading. 

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Peace of Mind

When you consider the task ahead, which scenario makes you feel more comfortable? 

First scenario: An award-winning local installer will arrive at your home soon to deliver a hassle-free consultation, complete with product recommendations, discussion of technology opportunities, rack setup and more. 

Then, you set up a date for them to come by and start installing all the technology you requested, whether you’re updating one room or your whole house. They have everything completed soon, with all the racks tucked away and no holes in the wall. 

Second scenario: You return home with a box of something, and you have no idea how to install it. You unfold the instruction manual and notice all the tiny print. You mind every detail as you check off the many steps, but then you fumble one tiny aspect. It’s too late: There’s already noticeable damage to your wall and no one there to fix it. 

Product Knowledge

We’ve studied the diverse home automation product offerings available today and strategically chosen the ones we use daily, like Control4. How do we make those selections, with all the tools out there? We’ve hand-picked the systems and devices we install in homes for their exceptional quality; integration flexibility with other products you may have; and decor features. 

Fully knowing each product ensures a seamless operation process and more intelligent support, even after the install. This knowledge also means that we can take a birds-eye view of all the technology you have and instantly know which devices will provide those integrations. Further, you can call us if you have any issues with products, and we’ll be at your home ASAP to walk you through it. Can you say the same for DIY? 

Integration Knowledge

We take this technological know-how a step further, though: We also know how to make these tools work in your specific home. Properly installing a smart home should be a highly specialized process. 

For example, if you’re installing speakers, we must consider the room’s acoustics, including ceiling height, room size and seating placement. Lighting involves placing all primary and accent fixtures so that you can take in your home’s aesthetics and enhance your decor. Those specifications are tricky enough before adding dimming technology and tunable lighting control, but we know how to maneuver through those details with ease. We do this every day.   

Motorized shades could entail finding adequate window treatments for that large, tilted window tucked into a high ceiling, climbing up to install it and synching it to the other shades so they all adjust simultaneously. You see the point: Exploring all your home’s needs and answering them strategically is not an easy task, but our experienced project management always makes the process simple for you. 

What’s Next? 

Prevent DIY mishaps and enjoy the seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal of a smart home control system done right. Ready to get started? Call us or fill out our online form – our team is here to help you from consultation to post-installation support. 

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