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How Much is Your Cheap Smart Home Control System Costing You?

Find Out Why a Quality System is Superior in Every Way

How Much is Your Cheap Smart Home Control System Costing You?

Maybe you’ve been considering bringing smart technology to your home for a while now but the potential expenses and costliness has stopped you. This might lead you to look down other paths – such as wireless automation systems and cheaper options for your space.

But as much as those products are lighter are on your budget, they will, unfortunately, do you no good in the long run. You need a quality smart home control system in your Virginia Beach, VA living space.

Keep reading below to learn the advantages to this type of system, and why its cost means superior automation for your everyday life.


Does Inexpensive Mean Poor Quality?

A less-costly home control system definitely sounds ideal. But what savings you keep will most likely be lost when your system no longer works for you.

A cheap home control system is often comprised of separate wireless smart devices and other vulnerable products that might be a part of a DIY-installation. While this type of system can be set up more quickly, there are many reasons that a professional system and professional installation are a must – even if it’s more expensive.

As TechHive puts it:

“There’s a lot to be said for having a professional install your smart home/home security system and—should something break—come back to fix it. As with everything else, know exactly what you’re getting into. The bottom line: A professionally installed, professionally managed smart home/home security system is the easiest way to go.”

TechHive agrees it’s also the most expensive way to go. But we’ve listed out below why the heftier price tag is well worth it.

Reliability is a Necessity

A cheap system cannot offer you dependability as you go about your day-to-day routines and life. If you’re counting on your home lighting control to work for your party later in the evening or your smart security alarms to keep your house protected while you’re gone – you need a reliable and consistent system.

A fully-connected smart control system is controlled all from one central source; this means that it is easily fixable by a team of professionals. Its initial installation guarantees a smooth run while also ensuring you can build upon it as the years go by and have it checked in on whenever something comes up.

With a DIY system, you’re on your own – and will cost you more to make repairs. You don’t want to be worrying about why a lighting fixture won’t turn on or why you can’t control your smart thermostat anymore; a quality automation system keeps everything connected and up and running. You’ll spend less time fixing an inconsistent system and instead make a great investment with a long-running and reliable home control system that works years down the road.

Protect Your Assets

A hardwired system put in place by a professional also means added protection to your home’s network. With a weak home network, your data and assets are at risk.

You’ll need the proper firewalls installed to keep everything safe. Having your identity stolen or losing other valuable information stored in your computers and smart devices can lead to a variety of unexpected expenses and costs. Avoid this by relying on a strong automation system and network.

Want to learn even more about installing a quality smart home control system for your living space and why going the cheaper route will only lead to expenses down the line? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form – our team is here to help you with every step of the process. We’d love to hear from you!


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