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Articles in Category: Lighting Control

Lighting control adds convenience and comfort to your daily life.  Click here to learn how you can take advantage of this top-notch smart home technology.

Lighting Control: 3 Benefits You Can Reap With The Right System

Control Your Home Ambience With The Latest Lighting Control

Lighting Control: 3 Benefits You Can Reap With The Right System

Whether it comes from wide windows or artificial illumination, light is crucial for bringing life into any home, which is why a lighting control system is a sound investment for your Virginia Beach, VA home. Superior lighting has the capacity to create a warm and welcoming ambiance and establish the mood of any room, but it can also contribute to our behaviors, mood changes, and overall health. If you're still not persuaded about the benefits of having a home lighting control system, take a look at our list of advantages.

How to Save on Utility Expenses with Home Lighting Control

Make your Virginia Beach home more energy-efficient with smart lighting technology

How to Save on Utility Expenses with Home Lighting Control

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average household spends approximately 5% of its energy budget on lighting. While lighting isn’t the largest energy expense in your Virginia Beach, VA home (that honor goes to the HVAC system), it is an area where you can make practical changes to become more energy-efficient and cut your electricity bills.

A centralized lighting control system allows you to access, change, and schedule all your home lighting from a smart device like a tablet or smartphone. Lighting control can help you manage lighting more efficiently, cut down energy waste, and lower the monthly power bill. Keep reading to learn how!

Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

Shining a Light on the Latest Trends in Lighting Automation

Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

There’s always plenty to do at home -- helping kids with homework, preparing holiday meals, studying, taking care of finances and maybe even a full-time, remote job. If you’ve found that you’re having trouble being productive at home, consider changing your environment.

Did you know that the secret to your health and happiness might start with the lights in your home? If the lighting in your space is making you sluggish, anxious or sad without you even noticing, your Virginia Beach haven could benefit from lighting control.

You might be among the growing number of employees who works remotely part or full time. Research shows that nearly half of Americans worked at least one day a week at home last year, and a survey among business owners agreed that about one-third more of their staff would transition to remote work in the next ten years. If they’re talking about you or future you, your home lighting matters much more because it impacts your happiness AND your company’s operations.

Show Off a Space’s Elegance and Style

Increase a Home’s Value with Smart Lighting Control

Show Off a Space’s Elegance and Style

If you’re a realtor or designer in Chesapeake, VA showing a client’s home or property, you know that the aesthetics and appearance of a space are often a crucial factor of whether a sale is made or not. 

Adding smart technology to a home doesn’t just bump up its value, but also allows you to showcase each area with unique features. One smart solution is lighting control – and its benefits are endless. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into how smart lighting can boost curb appeal and elevate a home you are showing. Keep on reading below to learn more.