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Dedicated Cinema: An Elegant Upgrade to Your Home

See What’s Possible with a Dedicated Home Theater

Dedicated Cinema: An Elegant Upgrade to Your Home

Making any upgrade to your home is exciting and means new possibilities for your property. When it comes to a dedicated home theater specifically, there’s a lot to consider.  We’re here to help make that upgrade as easy to understand as possible, whether you have bonus space in the basement of your Williamsburg home or a finished room over your garage in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach.

In this blog, we will look at what you must consider when approaching your dedicated home theater.

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Audio and Décor

A home theater involves more than just watching the screen — audio is an important aspect of any private cinema.

As such, consider how that audio is going to navigate the room and what may affect it.

For some, speakers are just as important to the aesthetic of the room as the rest of the décor. In this case, you’ll not only want speakers that look and sound great, but you’ll also need to make sure that they are placed strategically in the room so that nothing interferes with the sound.

It’s important to consider both the audio technology and interior design in the room as interacting with one another.

If you want to go the more subtle route, you can choose hidden speakers. This speaker technology is installed within the walls or ceiling, resulting in the speakers sitting flush with the surrounding material. Your speakers are then essentially out of sight, preventing any clash with existing décor, and also producing quality sound that will fill the room.

Room Dimensions and Shape

Understanding the room shape and size is important to planning your dedicated home theater. The dimensions will determine what size screen, type of projector and furniture we recommend.

Selecting equipment or décor that is incompatible with your room design will result in an unenjoyable experience. Your home theater is where you should go to relax and enjoy your favorite movie or show, not stress over whether it’s properly set up or not.

Complete Control

The best part of having a dedicated home theater is the full control you can have over it.

Incorporate a control system with your theater so that you can completely manage all the settings in the room.

This means pre-setting “scenes” that will dim your lights, close the window shades, open the shades in front of your screen, raise the volume and open your media library or streaming service. You can then make more adjustments as needed from one single source like a touchpad, thus eliminating the need for multiple remotes and unnecessary confusion.


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