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Top 3 Ways Smart Lighting Control Improves Your Home

Enjoy a healthier, more stylish and more efficient smart home with our lighting control systems.

Top 3 Ways Smart Lighting Control Improves Your Home

It’s hard to overstate how large a role light plays in our daily life at home. You need light to see, but light also plays a key role in setting the mood in a room. You can also use lighting to highlight or disguise different architectural elements within the interior and exterior of your house.

All these reasons and more make smart lighting control a welcome addition for homeowners. Today’s blog will demonstrate all the benefits lighting control systems have to offer residents in the Chesapeake, VA, region.

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A lighting control system can make a considerable impact on your health. Don’t believe us? Smart lighting control offers much more precise control over the intensity and color of your fixtures. This way, they can mimic natural light patterns throughout the day, which helps your body sync with your circadian rhythm.

How does this work? By using tunable light fixtures. Smart lighting brands like Ketra and Colorbeam have designed “warm dimming” LEDs that let you control the brightness and color temperature of the fixtures separately. This approach gives you many more options for lighting your indoor and outdoor spaces.

As the sun rises in the morning, your lights can gradually increase in intensity and warmth for a more comfortable way to wake up. You’ll feel more refreshed, and you won’t be reaching for the snooze button. Around midday, the intensity of your fixtures will increase to take on a brighter, cooler tone, which boosts your energy and helps you be more productive. Once the sun goes down, you’ll slowly sink into relaxation with warm, soft glows. The best part? Your system can do all this by itself, thanks to automation.


Nobody wants to live in a home with a generic aesthetic. A smart lighting control system adds flair while simplifying control over your fixtures.

As we noted earlier, a lighting control system allows you jurisdiction over the brightness and color temperature of your fixtures as independent variables. Being able to tweak these features separately gives you a wider array of lighting styles to use. With the right combination of color and brightness, you can highlight architectural elements, keep other elements in shadow, and generally create more diverse and appealing lighting designs.

These systems also make controlling all your fixtures easier. You can manage your lights from your phone, a wall panel, tablet or other device. Once everything is set the way you like it, you can save the setting to a preset scene for instant control.


Switching to smart lighting can make a significant dent in your utility bills. How? By using dimmers to reduce the amount of energy needed to light a room.

According to a report by LEDs Magazine every percentage point of dimming saves the equivalent percentage of energy needed to light the bulb. In more concrete terms, this means dimming a bulb by 50 percent reduces that bulb’s energy usage by about 50 percent. That may not sound like much with one fixture but multiplying those savings by the number of lights in your home shows how you can dramatically reduce your energy usage.

Now is the time to see how lighting control systems can transform your home. To learn more, call us at (757) 493-5000, or fill out our online contact form.

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