Upgrade Your Wi-Fi with a Professional Network Installation


Professional-grade networking offers seamless connectivity throughout your home

These days internet connection is a vital utility in any home–as important as running water and electricity. But an ordinary network installation isn’t enough for luxury homes. Instead, they require high-performance networks that can offer multiple functionalities besides giving you a flawless streaming and web surfing experience.

Upgrading your networking is the best way to keep your home safe from cyber threats, extend your coverage to your entire home, and ensure you stay connected 24/7. Read on to uncover all the benefits of having a reliable home networking solution at your residence in Virginia Beach, VA.



Wi-Fi Coverage in Every Corner of the House

To initially get a wireless signal in your home, all you need is a router from your Internet Service Provider. But the signals from the router can only reach so far. When you have a large home, relying on a single router makes it difficult to get full coverage. 

Professional integrators can easily resolve this issue by placing multiple wireless access points (WAP) throughout your residence. These access points act as boosters and offer ample coverage in every corner of the house. Whether you’re in the bedroom, living room, or outdoors, you can get access to a solid internet connection from anywhere.

Heightened Cyber Security with Firewalls

Since most luxury homes are heavily dependent on connected technology, they are more likely to get hacked. You may have standard security solutions in place, but they only offer protection from physical threats. What about cyber threats?

Individuals with malicious intents can easily break into your home virtually and control home devices, which automatically puts your home and family at risk. But there is a solution to this problem as well.

Professional installers use routers with built-in firewalls and create VPNs when adding home networking solutions to your home. These enterprise-grade solutions offer excellent protection from any cyber threats, making your home secure in every possible way.

A Future-Proofed Home

Technology is constantly changing. And as newer, more advanced home features are introduced, your network needs also change. When a pro handles your home networking, they ensure your network is future-proof. Not only does that mean preparing for greater bandwidth but making it easy to expand your network coverage to all areas of your home. From media technology to lighting and shading, you can conveniently use any home feature with a high-performance network.

A professional network installation is the key to getting ample home coverage, boosted security, and a future-proofed home. WSC Home Audio Video offers the best home networking solutions in Virginia Beach, VA. Our experts can customize networking options to ensure all your home requirements are met. We are the top integrators in town. Call (757) 493-5000 or fill out an easy online contact form for more information. 

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