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WSC Home Audio Video provides technology solutions like network installation, smart home automation, audio distribution, security, and more!

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi with a Professional Network Installation

Professional-grade networking offers seamless connectivity throughout your home

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi with a Professional Network Installation

These days internet connection is a vital utility in any home–as important as running water and electricity. But an ordinary network installation isn’t enough for luxury homes. Instead, they require high-performance networks that can offer multiple functionalities besides giving you a flawless streaming and web surfing experience.

Upgrading your networking is the best way to keep your home safe from cyber threats, extend your coverage to your entire home, and ensure you stay connected 24/7. Read on to uncover all the benefits of having a reliable home networking solution at your residence in Virginia Beach, VA.



Your network installation is a vital component of the modern home. Almost every device in a house is connected in some manner. From shades, lighting, security, and entertainment, all of it travels over cables and Wi-Fi. In addition, schools still rely on the internet for remote classrooms, project resources, and scheduling. Unfortunately, bad connectivity can put your child behind.

Keeping your network at peak operating levels involves knowledgeable planning in its installation. Whether you are streaming ultra-high-definition video, live gaming, multi-room audio distribution, or connecting school platforms, your home networking should be ready to handle it all seamlessly.

Are you looking to upgrade your Chesapeake, VA area home networking setup? Continue reading to learn more.

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Home Network Before School Starts

Understand the Needs Presented by New Remote Learning Requirements

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Home Network Before School Starts

This year has been filled with many unprecedented challenges. People are working, and even dating, from home via Zoom, and parents and children are facing the daunting prospect of going to school from home.

As the summer comes to an end, looking for ways to make this coming school year run as smoothly as possible should be at the forefront of every parent’s mind. Having their kids attend school virtually from home is not ideal for most parents (to say the least).

With everyone online at the same time doing critical work, a problem with your home network can have a huge effect on the family, keeping the kids from learning and keeping you from doing your job.

An efficient home network can improve the school year for you and your family. Our customers in the Suffolk, VA area know how important this truly is.

Why Hire a Professional for Network Installation and Upgrades?

Your home network ensures that your entire house runs smoothly, so gain peace of mind with a professional installation

Why Hire a Professional for Network Installation and Upgrades?

A robust home network is essential for households throughout the Chesapeake, VA area. We rely on internet connections to browse and shop online, stream movies and music, and operate smart home devices like thermostats and doorbells. And in the unprecedented events that have defined 2020, we’re also using the internet more for working, virtual learning and video calls.

We recommend hiring a professional integrator for your network installation to ensure that your home network can manage these needs quickly, smoothly and without interruption. Keep reading to learn 3 benefits of turning to a professional.