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Mix More Music into Your Life with Whole-Home Audio

3 Ways a Multi-Room Sound System Improves Your Lifestyle

Mix More Music into Your Life with Whole-Home Audio

Remember the days when you had to stay in the same room to listen to songs through a standalone speaker system? Maybe that was before your time. But you probably know what it’s like to wear earbuds to tune into your favorite playlists or podcasts. It may seem “convenient” to you now, but did you know there’s a better option? Instead of confining yourself to one room or relying on earbuds, upgrade your music-listening experience with a whole-home audio system.

Your home will become one big sound space for music. No volume knobs, no wires or earbuds, no mess. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy amazing sound quality that rivals anything you’ve heard before. Keep reading to learn the three main benefits of installing a multi-room sound system at your home in Virginia Beach, VA.

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Make More Room for Music

Whether you’re relaxing in your home theater, spending time with family, or hosting a party, a whole-home audio system is the perfect way to fill your life with music. You and your guest will never feel confined to one room to enjoy a pleasant music-listening experience. Everyone enjoys the same songs and high-quality sound anywhere in the house. The system uses a central processor or matrix switcher, allowing you to stream music, select songs or playlists, and then send them anywhere.

At your next party, some of your friends can enjoy cocktails in the living room while listening to cool jazz. Others may want to spend time outside in your outdoor entertainment space while dancing to the latest hits. And when you have the house to yourself, play your favorite songs or listen to a podcast as you recline in your living room, prepare meals in the kitchen, or enjoy a breath of fresh air outside.

Incredible Sound Quality from Hi-Fi Speakers

Put aside any negative thoughts you have about in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Today’s premium products offer audio quality that blows you away. It’s almost like you’re listening to music in your media room, yet it’s music “on the go.” Wherever you go in your home, you’ll enjoy the same incredible hi-fi sound. You’ll hear the crisp highs and feel the rumble of the lows in your chest. In fact, it may seem like you’re at a live music venue.

By installing premium speakers and putting them in the perfect locations – even in your outdoor entertainment space – you’ll have an immersive experience. If you prefer to hide your speakers, it’s easy to do too. Hidden technology makes it possible. WSC Home Audio Video installs speakers that can blend in perfectly with your home décor.

Effortless Control of Your Audio System

Smart home automation takes it to the next level! By integrating your multi-room audio system with your smart home, you’ll have complete control of everything. Adjust the volume, change songs, switch rooms, and EQ your speakers remotely. No need to touch anything but your touchpad, smartphone app or convenient on-wall keypads. So, if you’re listening to some oldies in your living room, and the doorbell rings, you don’t need to get up. Simply pause the music on the touchpad. With a Control4 video doorbell, you can answer the door right from the same app.  

Would you like to integrate more music into your life? Call WSC Home Audio Video at (757) 493-5000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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