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Does Seating Affect Your Home Theater Design? 

Let’s talk about how we use furniture in your entertainment spaces. 

Does Seating Affect Your Home Theater Design? 

You’ve already set up your projector or TV. All your A/V equipment has been installed. Maybe we’ve even soundproofed your media room or home theater and added light-blocking automated shades. You’re almost ready to enjoy your new entertainment center, but wait: Does your seating match your home theater design tastes? 

With the rising number of seating options available, you no longer have an excuse for furniture that doesn’t fit your Hampton Roads, VA, home. Keep reading for a few suggestions! 

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Number of Seats

Before we talk about style, you should take note of the number of seats you are adding to your home theater. To fully appreciate your surround sound, you’ll need the right number of seats: Too many could damage the acoustics of the room. 

For example, we’ll help you plan out your seating so that no one will have to sit directly under the display, as this can cause eye and neck strain. Visually, this can also result in a “screen door effect.” Seats too close to the walls result in a “boomy” bass effect. We’ll take a look at the size and shape of the room, where we’ve installed A/V equipment and the maximum number of guests you plan to entertain before we start placing the furniture. 

Seating Style

Now that we’ve discussed placement, we’re getting to the fun part of the design: seating styles. Luxury furnishing companies like Cineak and Palliser to furnish your media room in luxurious, designer fashion.

Both companies provide ergonomic seating options that surpass the puffy furniture most people associate with comfort. These versatile sofa and chair models will also look equally attractive in other spaces throughout your home, such as living rooms, so just let us know if you want to incorporate these designs into other areas.

Media Room or Home Theater?

Your seating options will largely depend on whether you want a media room or home theater feel. Though home theaters provide that lifelike, cinematic experience, a media room can entertain the whole family. 

You will need different furniture depending on your preference. Home theater seating usually mimics the single-chair setups you find in the theater, where each seat faces toward the central focus, the big screen. Media rooms may hold couches or loveseats for family gatherings. Since some media rooms have multiple displays, these communal seats might face multiple directions. You may even throw some beanbag chairs into your setup for a fun, laid-back vibe. 

No matter your preferences, WSC Home Audio Video wants to help you create a theater that looks and feels like a comfortable place to unwind as you wrap up your day. 

Get started today by calling us at 757-493-5000 or fill out our online contact form. If you prefer, you can also chat with us by clicking the chat box on the bottom of the screen.

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