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3 Ways That Motorized Shades Will Improve Your Life

Transform your Virginia Beach, VA home with automated window treatments!

3 Ways That Motorized Shades Will Improve Your Life

You probably wouldn’t think that something as simple as motorized shades could make a significant difference in your Virginia Beach, VA home. Maybe that’s because today’s shades keep getting more intelligent each year -- think more AI device, less window treatment. That’s because we connect our window automation to Control4, one of the leading smart home automation systems available today.

Keep reading to see what we rank the top three functionalities for your smart blinds this year. If you haven’t already had motorized shades installed, WSC Home Audio and Video would love to help you get started. Whenever you’re ready, we can set up a no-hassle consultation to talk about your home’s unique spaces and what products we recommend for each one.

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They’ll Keep You Warm

Motorized window treatments heat your home in two ways. For one, they keep drafts from entering your window: Studies have shown that this effect alone prevents about 40 percent of heat loss. More importantly, shades make the most of the solar heat they collect outside you home. By programming your shades to open during the day, you’re allowing heat to enter your home via sunlight, much of which converts to heat energy. Since your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard, the energy you save helps preserve natural resources.

This feature will serve you all year round, too. When summer finally arrives, you can set your blinds to lower automatically, which keeps excessive heat trapped outdoors.

They’re Accessible

Motorized window treatments’ controls are easily accessible for everyone. That means elderly and disabled family members can access them by using a simple phone or tablet control or even their voice, without ever having to move.

However, you’ll also find it convenient that children can’t pull at strings as they might with traditional shades since there are no strings on motorized shades. This circumvents an inconvenience and a potential safety hazard simultaneously.

They Keep Your Home and Possessions Safe

Motorized shades protect your privacy while you’re away or home. For example, if you take a mid-winter vacation to a sunny spot, the last thing you want to think about on your beach vacation is your home’s security. Motorized shades, coupled with other Control4 functionalities like lighting, create the illusion that you’re home. They also hide your valuables from view, so criminals are less likely to peer inside your home.

Elevate Your Home!

If you’re ready to try motorized shades in your Virginia home, we’d love to jumpstart your year with a more energy-conscious, accessible and safe home environment.

Contact WSC Home Audio and Video, and we’ll look at your home to evaluate your needs and find unique shades you can customize to your decor and lifestyle. Contact us today to get started, or chat with us using the box to the bottom right if you have any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to hear from you!