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Upgrading Your Home Theater Design? Here’s What You Should Know.

Don’t miss these ins and outs of revamping your home theater space!

Upgrading Your Home Theater Design? Here’s What You Should Know.

Do you have an existing home theater that isn’t living up to your expectations? Maybe you’d prefer a different home theater design style, modernized equipment or more comfortable seating for your Suffolk, VA, home. If you don’t have a home theater set up yet, the blog we highlighted in the “See Also” link will provide a useful resource for you.

How can WSC help you achieve each of your renovation goals? Keep reading to explore all the details we’ll discuss with you during your free consultation.

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Designed for You

Have your design tastes changed since you installed your home theater? Or maybe you recently updated an adjacent room, and you want to create more flow between spaces.

One trend we’ve seen lately is home theaters that look more like media rooms. You’ll notice as soon as you see one that the design concept looks more open, and you might even see more than one screen in a single room. If you want to make this significant of a change, though, make sure to keep reading.

Projector and TV Updates

Home theater updates can have a sort of ripple effect—one change might demand another adjustment. Such is often the case with displays, as external elements dictate which screen you should use.

For example, it’s common that media rooms lack the natural dimness of dedicated theater spaces. If any stray lighting enters the room, you’ll need to either compensate with an ultra-bright display or with light reduction of some kind, such as an ambient-light-reducing (ALR) screen to pair with your projector or motorized shades. WSC keeps all these details in mind to ensure that you achieve the video quality you deserve.

Comfortable Seating

Are your home theater seats looking worn, or just not matching the new design concept you’d like to try? Chances are, our partners Cineak and Palliser have a beautiful piece of furniture that will change your perception of how theater seating looks.

Remember when we mentioned that media rooms could divert your focus to multiple screens and people, creating that family feel? Your furniture should help enhance that vibe. Choose communal seats, like sofas for the movie buffs, and beanbags for avid gamers and readers. Everyone will sit comfortably together instead of looking ahead in a series of matching chairs.

Surrounded by Sound

An action-packed feature doesn’t quite feel the same without captivating sound surrounding you. If you started your home theater with less-than-impressive speakers or an inadequate configuration, WSC could help ensure your audio enhances the action on-screen.

For example, if your speakers are positioned too close to your seats, the audio will sound distorted and “boomy” to the person nearby. If you only have one or two speakers toward the front of an expansive theater space, without extra support on the side or anterior walls, your audio won’t provide sufficient coverage to engage an audience.

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