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Install These 3 Smart Home Systems When You're Remodeling

Devices to find more peace and relaxation in your Williamsburg home

Install These 3 Smart Home Systems When You're Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be a hassle, but doing so also presents opportunities for additional improvements. If you’re changing the interior structure of your home and tearing open the walls anyway, why not add some creature comforts along with tweaking your interior design?

Many home automation systems are much easier to install when you’ve already opened up access to your walls and interior wiring. This makes a remodel the ideal time for Virginia residents to add these systems. If you have an upcoming remodeling project at your Virginia Beach home, here are three smart home automation systems we recommend adding.

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Your speakers and TV take up a lot of space and are not designed with your home’s aesthetic in mind. However, you can improve your interior design by hiding your equipment.

You can install speakers in your ceiling or walls, and you can store your TV in specially designed furniture or behind a wall panel until you sit down to watch something. Alternatively, you could install a TV that looks like a mirror or a piece of art when it’s not in active use.

Disguising your A/V equipment gives you a cleaner interior design and minimizing clutter in your home theater or media room. A remodeling project is also the ideal time to expand your existing A/V setup across your home.


Wouldn’t you like to control the temperature, lights, shades, and more in your home from one device? You can make this dream a reality by synthesizing control of these individual systems under one interface.

It’s much simpler to use any device in your home once you can control everything from one device. Having a central control system also makes it easier to program custom automation scenes. These scenes can combine multiple systems and actions into one command. For example, you could program an “away” scene for when you leave for work that locks your windows and doors, lowers your motorized shades and sets the temperature. All of that can happen with one press of a button.


Many security solutions are easier to set up during a home renovation. These include outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras, motion sensors, smart doorbells, and other systems – all of which can give you greater peace of mind.

Even better, you can integrate these devices and combine their abilities for greater versatility. Your smart doorbell gives you a 24/7 view of anyone at your front door, while cameras and motion sensors can send alerts to your phone in an emergency. You’ll just want to make sure your home network can handle all your devices.

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