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Tips for Perfecting Your Home Theater Design

Make these upgrades to your home cinema for a truly immersive movie-watching experience

Tips for Perfecting Your Home Theater Design

Not everyone has the same preferences for home entertainment. Some might want to bask in a hot tub during cool evenings or wade in the pool in the heat of summer. Others can be content with distributed audio systems that allow them to hear music anywhere they go in their homes. But a home theater system is one thing that no one can say no to.

In addition, your home theater design can be inspired - not a cookie-cutter theme. So, get creative! WSC Home Audio Video is happy to provide guidance, design, and professional installation. 

Read on to learn the four best tips that will help you design the perfect home theater system for your household in Virginia Beach, VA.

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1.   Find the Perfect Room 

The first step to designing your home theater is to determine the best room for it. While some homeowners may like a multi-purpose space that is in a central location, ideally, you should choose a space that is nestled in an area of the home that gets less traffic. 

The size of the room is also an important factor to consider, as you will need to add comfortable seating. But the room doesn’t need to be exceptionally large. With modern technology, even small spaces can be transformed into home cinemas. For instance, ultra-short-throw projectors can cast super-large images from a short distance. 

2.   Add the Right Lighting 

The main components of a home theater system are the audio and video features, but lighting is also an essential part that must be incorporated into the design.

Ambient lighting, such as typical ceiling lighting, isn’t recommended for home theaters as it can create a glare on the screen or affect your viewing experience in other ways. Instead, tunable lights, track lighting, and wall sconces are much better options that can be dimmed or brightened to ensure zero distractions.

3.   Dampen Noise with Acoustic Treatments 

Even if you choose a room with lesser foot traffic, noise can still become an issue. In this case, you can add different acoustic tiles to dampen the noise from the outside. But acoustic treatment is also important to ensure your surround-sound system delivers the optimal result, otherwise, your room will either echo too much or create a muffled sound effect. In addition, acoustic treatments help to keep all the sound effects, music, and dialogue in your home theater - and not in the rest of your living spaces. 

4.   Choose a Suitable Display

The display is the highlight of your home theater system. The type of system, TV or projector, is determined based on the size of the room as well as your preferences. Today’s technologies have become highly advanced. Both TVs and projector systems deliver incredibly realistic images that immerse you in every scene. Technologies such as HDR create blur-free images that are easy on the eyes. The display comes alive in living color, contrast, and brightness, making your experience realistic. 

Need help creating the perfect home theater design? WSC Home Audio Video has got you covered. We provide the best home theater installation in Virginia Beach, VA. Call (757) 493-5000 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.