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Your network installation is a vital component of the modern home. Almost every device in a house is connected in some manner. From shades, lighting, security, and entertainment, all of it travels over cables and Wi-Fi. In addition, schools still rely on the internet for remote classrooms, project resources, and scheduling. Unfortunately, bad connectivity can put your child behind.

Keeping your network at peak operating levels involves knowledgeable planning in its installation. Whether you are streaming ultra-high-definition video, live gaming, multi-room audio distribution, or connecting school platforms, your home networking should be ready to handle it all seamlessly.

Are you looking to upgrade your Chesapeake, VA area home networking setup? Continue reading to learn more.

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While a remarkable number of devices rely on your home network, streaming video and audio is the most demanding. This is because each system has a maximum amount of data it can deliver at any moment. Unfortunately, once the incoming data exceeds the network limits, the video starts to stutter, and the dreaded buffering message appears.

The majority of streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft Teams, and consoles like Xbox require a minimum of 15-35 Mbps. So, when just one source connects to the TV in the media room, the data concerns are minimal. But a typical home will have family members watching a game, a child engaged in a live remote class, and at least two mobile devices connected to social media. When everyone is active online, the numbers begin to add up and can cause issues.

A well-designed network anticipates a baseline demand while reserving extra headroom to accommodate surges. Our installations utilize enterprise-class routers and managed switches. By prioritizing video packets over other non-essential data, the system dynamically changes to meet your needs. In addition, our maintenance and monitoring plans ensure that download speeds are kept consistent.


The safest and most reliable connection for smart devices is a hard-wired port, but it is not the most convenient. We live in a wireless world full of smartphones, tablets, and a universe of IoT devices.

Wi-Fi allows you to be free of wires, but the frequencies it uses to communicate are limited. As wireless connectivity has grown, the allotted space for communication has become quite congested. Data slowdowns, lagging, and bottlenecks occur when a signal has to fight its way to your device through a haze of other RF traffic.

Many enterprise-grade networking solutions offer prioritization options, letting you know which content (like media streaming) should be given preferential treatment. This helps to ease up bottlenecks and the subsequent lagging.


The internet is full of bad actors and software trying to access your private data. Therefore, we take a multipronged approach to protect your information and the devices that live on it.

The hacking of home systems has become a significant concern. Some examples range from the annoyance of a neighbor stealing bandwidth to someone taking control of your security or cameras. As wireless broadcasts over the air, it is far easier for nefarious characters to find and connect to them.

We work with you to implement security schemes and best practice methods that diminish threats. The goal is to balance the need to lock down your network from malicious actors yet make it simple to access for you and your family.


The school year is starting soon; updating your connectivity should be a priority. Are you ready for a more reliable and safer internet experience? Call us at (757) 493-5000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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