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A Security System Allows You to Vacation with Confidence

Manage Access, Deter Break-ins, and Make Sure Your Home is Secure While You are Away

A Security System Allows You to Vacation with Confidence

Your home is a sanctuary; it is one of the few places you can unwind and truly be yourself. The luxury and convenience of your household in the Virginia Beach, VA area furnish you with a house that adapts to your lifestyle. You revel in the stunning sound of your whole-home audio or take comfort in environmental controls that maintain just the right balance.

A nice as your home is, life is not only about one place -there is a whole world to explore out there. Now that the ability to travel is opening up, there is an excitement for seeing new places and experiencing new people in places far away from home. You may already have your bags packed and passport ready, but how can you be sure your home is safe and secure while you are away?

The right security system keeps you connected, protecting your property while you are home or away. Read more below to learn how to vacation with confidence.

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Vulnerable While Away

Most home intrusions occur while the homeowner is away, with a significant rise of break-ins during the summer months. A criminal, understanding that most vacations occur between the end of a school year and just before the start of the next one, looks for signs that a home is unoccupied. A home that continues to look lived in deters nefarious individuals from considering your house a target.

Act Like You Are Home

Your lighting control enhances the spaces you live in, helping you focus and improving your overall well-being. It can also be used to replicate your normal activities while you are away, turning lights on or off based on your regular schedule. Lights mounted outside are the most significant deterrent; police studies show that these units reduce attempts by 45%. In addition, your home automation raises and lowers motorized shades and turns on the TV to maintain the appearance of being occupied.

Protect From Leaks and Floods

The threats to your home’s security can also come from within. The HVAC system, your spa, pool, and jacuzzi all present potential hazards. A leak from the air conditioning or a failure with the pool pump could be disastrous if it remains unnoticed and unchecked. Sensors attached to the critical area notify you when an issue occurs, giving you time to contact the appropriate people to get it fixed.

Identify and Manage Access

Cameras mounted at all entrances, including intercom and video doorbells, combined with those mounted along the property line give you advance notice of people entering your property. Track and record suspicious activity, having files available for the police or insurance should it be needed.

Mobile apps let you stay connected to your home from anywhere in the world. Review security alerts, answer the doorbell, unlock the garage for delivery people, or allow trades-people access. You can keep an eye on anyone working in the home, ensuring that they keep to the rooms and spaces that require service.

Get Protection Now

Now is the time to plan your home’s safety plan and install a complete home security system. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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