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4 Ways to Update Your Home Security System

Protect Your Property with these Smart Features

4 Ways to Update Your Home Security System

Do you know how to keep your home safe and well-protected every time you are away, whether you’ve been gone for just a few hours or weeks? Upgrading your home security system is a great place to start when you want to keep your family safe.

Bringing these top-notch security features to your Virginia Beach, VA living space gives you peace of mind for whenever you leave home for any amount of time.

Keep reading below to see some essential security upgrades and what they mean for your property’s protection.


Smart Alarm That Notifies You

What if your home’s alarm system would not only blare an alarm to warn off intruders and alert the police, but also would instantly alert you as well? Nowadays, upgraded smart alarm systems do so much more than just make loud sounds.

With just a press of a button, you can turn your entire system on or off, arm the alarms, and make these changes, whether you are inside your house or anywhere else in the world with internet service.

The moment the alarm goes off, the appropriate authorities are alerted, and your other smart device receives an instant notification letting you know the severity of the situation – and allows you decide the next step to take. Your home’s safety will be entirely in your control.

Surveillance Cameras Throughout Your Property

Check in on your house right on your phone by installing quality surveillance cameras all throughout your property – both inside and out.

You can look at real-time footage your cameras have captured, whether you want to view just one room at a time or see everything at once on your smart device’s screen. You can operate your cameras from anywhere – panning, tilting, and zooming in so that you cover every inch of your home.

Save videos to view later and set up motion detectors to alert you when any suspicious figures are sensed or caught on camera. This way you can know what is happening at your property at any time.

Smart Locks Keep Your Home Secure

This handy smart technology ensures that you always know exactly who is entering your home. If you work late and aren’t there when the kids are home from school, you can set the smart locks to open only for them and a necessary code. Then the locks will immediately lock as soon as they’re all safely inside.

Want the kids out of the basement or other rooms in the house until you’re back?  You can install the smart locks on interior doors as well.

Smart locks are also especially useful for when you’re out of town and have a neighbor checking in on your pets or plants. Integrate your surveillance cameras to send you footage whenever they arrive at your home and use your smart locks code. You will be aware of every person that enters and exits your home while you’re away.

Integrate Lighting and Shades

Having a fully-automated home security system means integrating your home lighting control and motorized shades into the system. By doing so, you can keep robbers and burglars from ever going near your property.

An empty home can be a prime target for thieves. If you set your lights and shades to an “away” scene on your security system, these features will continue to turn on and off and raise up and down throughout the day – mimicking your daily routine, as if you were home.

Intruders will assume you’re home and steer clear. If by chance unwanted guests still attempt to break in, you can set your lights to flood any areas of your property where motion is detected or if your cameras pick anything up. Add in your alarm blaring from a lock or window breaking, and you know your house is well protected, whether you’re sleeping in bed at night or sleeping somewhere halfway across the world.

Want to learn even more about upgrading your home security system? Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online form to set up a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!


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