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Install Smart Climate Control for a More Comfortable Home

Home automation can make your home cozier, easier to manage, and more energy-efficient

Install Smart Climate Control for a More Comfortable Home

Everyone wants their home to be a place of supreme comfort. Whether you’re coming in from the sweltering summer heat or a frigid winter day, it should be the ideal temperature once you’re inside. And yet, it’s often a challenge to maintain a consistent, pleasant temperature in our home. Furthermore, your HVAC system is one of the most energy-intensive systems in your home, making it costly to run the heat or air conditioning for long periods.

What if your home could respond in real-time to the temperature both outside and inside? And what if you could manage your home’s climate control system more easily while also improving your energy efficiency? These are just some of the benefits Virginia residents in the Virginia Beach region can enjoy with a smart climate control system for their home. Keep reading to learn more.

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Despite how much we might wish it wasn’t the case, unexpected weather events are a fact of life. It may have been sunny and warm when you left for work in the morning, but that can easily change in the course of a day. Walking into a chilly home after a long day is a miserable feeling.

With a smart climate control system installed in your home, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere using your phone. You can set the temperature as you’re leaving work and walk into a home that’s exactly as warm or cool as you want it to be.

For even greater convenience, you can program your climate control system to adjust the temperature according to a schedule of your choosing. You can keep the temperature low during the day when nobody’s around, then have it rise to a more comfortable level during your commute home. By the time you arrive, everything is as it should be. This feature is also very helpful when you go on vacation; you can make any changes to the schedule in seconds using your phone, preventing you from wasting energy.


A smart climate control system is also an effective way to increase your energy efficiency. By installing thermostats throughout your home along with occupancy or motion sensors, your system can learn your routines to work more efficiently. You don’t need to run the heat in an empty room, after all, and your system will only spend energy when necessary. Whereas previously, you could only set the temperature throughout your home, now you can use energy more effectively, which will translate to significant savings.

These savings multiply when your climate control system works in concert with other smart home systems. Motorized shades can stay lowered in summer months to mitigate solar heat gain, and in the winter, they can stay raised to let the sun warm your house as much as possible. The result is less energy spent either heating or cooling your home, which helps your bottom line.

This is just the beginning of the benefits offered by a smart climate control system for your home. To find out more, call us today at (757) 493-5000 or visit our contact page.

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