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Your Solution to Increased Style and Security

Boost Curb Appeal with This Smart Upgrade

Your Solution to Increased Style and Security

Expanding your lighting control beyond your interiors can enhance every part of our estate.  With just a push of a button, you can illuminate your house and the surrounding grounds.

Whether you’d like your vacation home in Virginia Beach to match the beauty of the ocean or you’re considering an upgrade to a house in Tidewater, your property will surely stand apart from the neighbors’.  Outdoor lighting control is a perfect smart solution for your property.  You’ll increase security and stylishly elevate your house at the same time.

Read below to see how this smart feature can benefit you and your family.


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Showcase an Elegant Home

Landscape lighting can keep your home’s exteriors lit as the night unfolds – and impress everyone on the block. For example, strategic placement of lights draws attention to the impressive features in your home’s architecture.  Sconces and floodlights can accentuate and highlight specific angles of your house, creating an impressive display.

You can schedule your lights to come on as the sun starts to go down and have them brighten as it begins to get darker outside.

Using your smart device of choice, like a smartphone or tablet, you can control everything from the palm of your hands. During the holiday seasons, you could even program the lights to brighten or change colors for a more festive look.

With just a press of a button, you can operate the whole lighting control system.


Improve Security and Gain Peace of Mind

Leaving your home unoccupied even for just a day can be stressful.  Empty houses are prime targets for thieves, but there are ways to put your mind at ease.  Outdoor lighting can help you feel more secure with leaving your house for a day or much longer.  Set your lights to come on when day turns into night, and your house will appear brightly-lit even when you’re not there.

The best part?  Set specific scenes for random lights on your property to go on and off throughout the evening, imitating random movements you could have made as if you were home.

This same imitation can work indoors as well – with lights going on and off, giving off the impression someone is home and going about daily routines.

If an intruder does make their way onto your property, integrating your lighting with your security system can help to avoid a disaster. You can have motion sensors alert you the moment someone is nearby, then your system can flood the area with bright light, scaring off any unwanted guests.


Want to learn more about outdoor lighting control and how it can enhance your Coastal Virginia house?

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