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Embrace A More Personalized Approach to Your Home’s Lighting


Embrace A More Personalized Approach to Your Home’s Lighting

Lighting has the power to transform your home, setting the mood and creating ambiance. All too often, we see illumination as a practical matter - bulbs light the way in the dark, and switches simply turn them on or off. 

Smart home lighting controls bring a more personalized experience. Set the scene for dinner to automatically transitioning walkway fixtures from a soft glow to bright and clear as the evening progresses.  

Control4 systems include lights as part of a bigger control ecosystem, integrated with climate, audio, video, and security - each working to enhance your home in Norfolk, VA. 

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Tuned to You

What strikes you first when entering a room? Do you notice the decor, the sweeping lines of the architecture? How does a space make you feel? Lighting has the single most significant effect on your perceptions; one dominated by cool or harsh light can feel uncomfortable and uninviting.

Whether you are looking to brighten up the kitchen for dinner prep or setting just the right atmosphere for a backyard summer barbeque, personalized lighting gives you control. Be welcomed home by automated illumination set for the time of day or triggered by sensors to guide your way. Early morning scenes bring up softer hues and muted intensity to gently start the day on your way to the first cup of coffee. 

Control Where You Need It. 

Control4 offers several options for lighting control, from new build to retrofit and expansion.  The premier smart home company has offered lighting from its inception. The designs and choices come from listening closely to designers, architects, and electrical installers to create unparalleled solutions. 

The days of having banks of switches to control spaces of a house are ending. Not only is this ‘wall acne’ unsightly, but it also limits where you can control lights from. A centralized system is perfect for new builds allowing you to run dedicated wires to the fixture location to be controlled from a single location. Control can now be accessed by elegant and stylish keypads, via mobile app and voice control.

It is not always possible to run wires through a home, for example, when dealing with historic wall coverings, or when opening a wall is just not possible. In these cases, a wireless system can be used to cover the entire house or supplement a specific area. Cost-effective and convenientRF-based lighting control provides the same unlimited level of personalization.  

Integrated Ecosystem

Control4 products and interfaces are designed to integrate as a whole-home ecosystem, controlling more than individual devices.  

With one touch of a button, you can turn on the TV, lower the shades, dim the lights, and set the temperature to your optimal level. Use your voice to raise the lights in the kitchen as you get up for more popcorn and check on the kids from the playroom cameras.  

Management and automation of your home do not have to stop when you are away. Control4’s remote access means you can open the door for a tradesperson or set the air conditioning to be ready- all from the bedroom or across the world.  

Want to learn more about how Control4 lighting controlcan enhance your home in Norfolk, VA?

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