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Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

Shining a Light on the Latest Trends in Lighting Automation

Bright Idea: Using Lighting Control to Improve Your Well-Being

There’s always plenty to do at home -- helping kids with homework, preparing holiday meals, studying, taking care of finances and maybe even a full-time, remote job. If you’ve found that you’re having trouble being productive at home, consider changing your environment.

Did you know that the secret to your health and happiness might start with the lights in your home? If the lighting in your space is making you sluggish, anxious or sad without you even noticing, your Virginia Beach haven could benefit from lighting control.

You might be among the growing number of employees who works remotely part or full time. Research shows that nearly half of Americans worked at least one day a week at home last year, and a survey among business owners agreed that about one-third more of their staff would transition to remote work in the next ten years. If they’re talking about you or future you, your home lighting matters much more because it impacts your happiness AND your company’s operations.

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Light Colors, Defined

The temperature of light is measured in Kelvins. Higher color temperatures (4,600K or more) appear blue-white and are called cool or daylight colors. Mid-range color temperatures (3,100K–4,600K) look cool white, without overt blue tones. Lower color temperatures (up to 3,000K) range from red to yellowish-white and are called warm colors. But how does the body react to these light temperatures?

According to Northwestern University’s Dr. Ivy Cheung, “We already study circadian rhythm in sleep labs and find that ... light is the most important synchronizing agent for the brain and the body." That means it matters how much exposure we get to both warm and blue lighting, as well as the proper timing for each.

A Wake-Up Call

Scientists have found that light with more heat energy, or blue light, stimulates our minds more effectively than warm lights: that’s why when daylight seeps through our window in the morning, we struggle to fall back to sleep. Our bodies actually respond more energetically to light that emits more energy.

Light that mimics natural sunlight helps stimulates alertness because our body is programmed to wake up to blue lighting, but most homes don’t receive enough blue light, especially during the winter months. When you’re in the midst of dreary weather, those are the times you need an energy boost the most.

...A Lullaby

Warm lighting, in contrast, has been proven to boost melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. Think of how you feel when sitting next to something that emits warm light -- like a cozy fire.

We’ve been raving about the effects of cool lights keeping us focused and awake, but warm light helps us fall asleep and sleep more soundly, which in turn, does wonders for our focus and productivity the next day.

A Balance

So, we can see that we need both warm and cool lighting to function at our best, but many Americans lack the lighting their body needs.

Take control before the new year! Talk to lighting control experts about how you can ensure that you engulf your home in the right lighting to optimize your body’s natural rhythms and feel your best all day. If you’re curious, you can explore how a Control4 lighting system would work in real life by watching our lighting control tutorials.

How to Improve Your Focus, Your Mood and More

As your Virginia Control4 home integrator, we can improve your focus and help you feel more rested by installing the equipment, planning your lighting control and getting you started on your New Year’s resolution to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Want to learn more about lighting control so you can finally sleep well, focus and take charge of your optimal health? Give us a call or fill out our online form to bring these smart solutions to your Coastal Virginia home.


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