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Stay In The Know With a Smart Home Security System

Craft A Secure Home for the Holidays

Stay In The Know With a Smart Home Security System

As the holidays approach, you’re probably going to be visited by quite a few delivery people dropping off packages. To make sure your gifts are delivered safe and sound, you need a smart security system with the latest connected features.

According to research at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, released in January of 2020, every day there are almost 1.7 million packages lost or stolen in America.

Our customers have discovered peace of mind in their homes in Virginia Beach, VA once they’ve had a smart home security system installed. Now they can monitor and manage their holiday packages from anywhere in the world.

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Smartphone Apps Make for Better Home Security

Nowadays, so much is being delivered to our homes that we can easily lose track of all the packages and services that are being brought to us.

When you’re away from home you don’t know exactly who might be coming to your front door. Wouldn't it be nice to know who’s showing up at your house?

Let’s say a delivery man walks up to your front door. Your motion sensors on your front doorbell camera are triggered, which notifies you through your smartphone app.  You can then watch through your phone, confirming that it is an Amazon delivery driver.

Or if you would prefer, you could talk to them through the front door’s two-way speaker system, confirm who the package is from, and have them secure your package by remotely unlocking your door, having the delivery driver place it inside, and then re-arming your system.

If your delivery driver just leaves the packages on your doorstep, you could receive another notice if there is someone approaching your door.  Does he look suspicious? That’s when you can tap your app’s alarm button, sounding an alarm and avoiding the theft of your packages as he goes scampering out of sight.

No matter if you’re away on vacation or just at the grocery store, with a smart home security system you can receive instant notifications when anyone might be lurking around your house.

Surveillance cameras can also be placed in the back of the house or other strategically placed locations for outside monitoring. With a smart security system, you’ll also be able to arm and disarm multiple doors simultaneously from your smartphone or tablet.

Making Security a 24-Hour Priority

Your home’s security is just as important during the day as it is at night. The FBI has recently reported that most burglaries actually happen during the day. Even though the amount of reported burglaries has decreased in recent years, there’s practically no reason not to take advantage of home automation technology if it can increase the safety and security of your family.

With a smart security system, your home is monitored 24/7. You can look in on live surveillance footage at any time and receive notifications whenever there’s suspicious activity.

To know exactly who might arrive at your house unexpectedly, our installation technicians test every camera and security system to ensure the clearest audio and picture. Contact us today so we can design a security system that fits your specifications.

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