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Experience The Excitement And Drama Of The Crowd, Feel Every Hit, And Bring The Action Right To You


The autumnal equinox is not quite here yet, and the summer is still high in the sky, but there is a distinct change in the air. If you listen closely, you can hear the opening fanfare of trumpets introducing Heavy Action, football’s unofficial theme song, filling the air. Whether you are a fan of the NFL, NCAA, PAC 12 or your local high school teams, it’s time to get back to the gridiron!

Here in Chesapeake, VA, we can enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round, perfect for enjoying all the games in the fresh air. While watching the game on an all-weather 4K ultra-high-definition monitor puts you in the action, the audio creates visceral excitement. Origin Acoustics outdoor audio speakers provide incredibly detailed sound throughout the yard of your smart home.  

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of football by the pool? Continue reading to find out how we can make it a reality.

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Sound is incredibly important to the human experience. It guides us through the world, helping us gauge the space we occupy or hear that linebacker fast approaching from the right. Audio, especially music, stimulates every brain region, including those that focus on communication and abstract concepts.

Origin Acoustics, a company, born from a passion for audiophile quality in any environment, blends its distinctive style with full 360-degree coverage. The speakers accommodate any installation, whether you are looking to fill the deck with the surround sound of the stadium or immerse the backyard in the sounds of pads colliding.


Outdoor audio works differently than your multiroom sound system. Inside, the speakers can be part of the architecture, using the wall and spaces to accentuate and amplify the content. Outside there are fewer walls and more area to cover.

Creating the ultimate sound field on your property requires a unique understanding of how sound disperses in open environments. By combining an ear for quality audio and the finesse of a live sound engineer, the speakers deliver precise reproduction that envelops you without resorting to excessive volume.

Built for the outdoors and the aesthetics of an interior designer, the speakers are built to withstand rain, cold, snow, heat and anything else you can throw at them. As nice as the units look, you do not need to show them off and let the landscaping take center stage. Hide the drivers near the topiary and bury the subwoofers for a sound that amazes you while making you feel as if you are right on the sidelines.


The new season looks to be a good one, and there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it in style.

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