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Build a Better Home Networking Experience With WiFi 6

Discover How the Newest Wireless System Makes Your Connectivity Faster and More Reliable

Build a Better Home Networking Experience With WiFi 6

Your luxury smart home provides you with peace of mind with security, the ultimate in entertainment, and the benefits of tunable lighting. Regardless of the service, to run smoothly, you need home networking that satisfies your needs now and meets the demands to come. 

Today, wireless is the default method of connecting to the internet or devices throughout the house. While the products we install in the home have evolved by leaps and bounds, WiFi has remained relatively fixed, and this imbalance has caused performance issues until now. 

Are you ready to have faster, safer, and more reliable connectivity in your Virginia Beach, VA area home? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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WiFi 6, known in engineering circles as 802.11ax, is a remarkable development forward, especially for automated homes like yours. Introduced officially in 2019, it is only now that full-featured enterprise-class products are coming to market. Our professionally certified installers understand how to make the protocol maximize your bandwidth while minimizing intrusion into your home. 

The system is designed to furnish you with the speed and security of Ethernet while having the freedom to roam where you want to. The average house has 20-25 RF devices connecting your network at any given time; many of these consume large amounts of bandwidth. 

It is very likely that right now, you have rooms streaming 4K ultra-high-definition video, work-from-home conferences call, and audiophile-quality audio like Dolby Atmos and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) music. WiFi 6 can handle up to 4 times the units and traffic than previous versions by prioritizing streams and implementing precise data delivery. 


Nearly every household around you generates a great deal of traffic and looks for the strongest connection. Sometimes the best path to a neighboring device appears to be your wireless router. Older WiFi formats can prevent access, but the external request needs to be analyzed and managed; this takes up valuable processor time and creates overhead and delays. WiFi 6 implements ‘device-coloring’, which adds a unique ID to its network address, ensuring your routers respond only to in-home units and ignore all others. 

Many of these products run off battery power, whether it is your video doorbell, mobile device, or wireless lighting control. Each time one needs to communicate with the router, it uses up energy; with the new precise timing schedules, a unit only turns on its radio when needed for communication. The result is longer times between charging or replacing batteries.


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