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3 Ways the Right Lighting Design Can Benefit Your Home

Enjoy a safe, happy, and healthy life with intuitive lighting control

3 Ways the Right Lighting Design Can Benefit Your Home

There’s one technology that you don’t have to be a high-tech wizard to use everyday—lighting. When it comes to our luxury clients in Virginia Beach, VA, lighting design and control are one of the most sought-after services. 

But lighting design does more than just highlight your home’s best features. From intuitive control to improved well-being, find out why a professional design is so vital. Read on to learn how your home can benefit from a lighting system.


1.     An Ambient Space

Lighting design and automation allows you to enhance the aesthetics of your home. You can experiment with a range of colors to create the perfect scene, all with a single light source. From pure white light to warm-toned hues, your options are limitless.

There is also the option of adjusting the brightness to your preferred lighting levels, allowing you to reduce glare while spotlighting the home’s architectural highlights. Accent lighting can create a dramatic effect that brings out the best features of your home’s interior. And let’s not forget the outdoors. A landscape lighting design can beautify your landscaping design, allowing you to enjoy your garden, patio, pergola, or other outdoor spaces even at night.

The combination of interior and exterior lighting can completely change the aesthetics when part of a strategic design.

2.     Enhanced Safety and Security

Besides enhancing the home’s aesthetics, lighting can also boost security. Imagine hearing a suspicious sound outside at night. If it is too dark, it might be almost impossible for you to see what’s happening outdoors.

But when you have lighting automation, you can have lights automatically turn on when they detect movement. If any intruders try to break into your home, it will immediately halt them in their tracks. Plus, if you have a security camera, outdoor lights will help capture the culprit’s face on the footage.

Moreover, you can still control the lights remotely when you’re not at home. It enables you to switch the lights on or off at any time to make it seem like you’re home. In some lighting control systems, you can even preset the lights to turn on or off at a specific time. It creates the same effect, making any passerby think you’re home.

3.     Promotes Wellness

Human-centric lighting promotes wellness. A cleverly designed lighting system will also include circadian lighting that mimics the correlated color temperatures of sunlight throughout the day. Doing so puts you in a better mood and helps you sleep better at night. The intensity and hues of the lights will make you feel energized in the mornings and relaxed in the evenings for a more balanced lifestyle. 

WSC Home Audio Video can help you choose the best lighting design for your home. We work with the top brands and have helped countless homeowners across Virginia Beach, VA, integrate lighting automation. Call (757) 493-5000 or fill out an easy online contact form for more details.