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2 Ways to Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Work with your local Control4 dealer to customize your system for better home management

2 Ways to Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Automation systems are designed to make your life more convenient and comfortable by bringing all your home technologies to live in one hub. Over the years, Control4 has tapped into multiple updates and improvements to its operating systems to ensure that you — the end-user — can manage your smart home in a way that fits your lifestyle and daily routines. If you have a Control4 smart home (or you’re considering one), read our blog post below to learn two ways you can personalize and customize your smart home to meet your needs better.

WSC Smart Home Designers — your trusted Control4 dealer in Virginia Beach, VA — can walk you through setting up these customizations in your home!

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One of the most convenient features of Control4’s newest operating system (OS 3) is the ability to organize your home by “Favorites.” First, you can favorite your most-used rooms so that they show up on the main dashboard screen. Moving your dashboard view from one favorite room to another is as easy as swiping between them with one flick of your finger.

Within individual rooms, you can favorite your frequently used devices, services, and scenes so that they’re front and center in room view. You have the flexibility to favorite any device or scene from the entire house into the room of your choosing. For example, you might want the icon for your whole-home lighting system in the master bedroom view — that way, at night, you can quickly turn off all the lights in your home without getting out of bed.

Favorites allow you to access and manage all your most-used smart home functions with less tapping, touching and scrolling through your dashboards.

When >> Then Automation

When >> Then personalization is included with a 4Sight subscription. It’s an easy-to-use feature that allows you to adjust the automations in your home without going through your Control4 dealer. Use When >> Then to set schedules, automate scenes, and organize frequently used devices and systems.

For example, you can create the following types of actions:

  • When {specific button} is pressed on the Neeo remote >> then launch Netflix
  • When it is 7 p.m. >> then close all the window shades in the house
  • When {specific button} is tapped on the keypad >> then activate the “Movie Night” scene
  • When the porch light sensors detect motion >> then turn the porch surveillance cameras on “record”

When >> Then customization makes it easier than ever to build a smart home that responds instantly to your lifestyle and daily routines.

WSC Smart Home Designers is your local, trusted Control4 dealer in the Virginia Beach, VA, area. Contact us today if you are ready to transform your house to a Control4 home, need help upgrading your system to the OS 3 operating platform, or want guidance for customizing and personalizing your home. Call us or fill out a contact form to get in touch. You can also start a live chat using the chatbox on your screen!

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