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WSC Home Audio Video provides technology solutions like home network installation, smart home automation, audio distribution, security, and more!

Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

Find Out How An Updated Home Network Can Make Your Media Better And Your Private Data Protected

Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

The new year is a time to review, refresh, and renew, and there is no better time to look at an upgraded home network installation. Your data network is vital to the operation of any smart home. Nearly all of your entertainment and home management devices rely on having a fast, reliable, and secure connection. 

Streaming content has grown exponentially in the last few years. 4K content from multiplayer games, video services, and even security systems can consume large portions of available bandwidth.  Having a network that can accommodate high demands without stalling and sputtering or causing other operations to fail is essential. 

Are you curious about what a network installation does and how it can enhance your Virginia Beach, VA Area? Read more below.

Make Your Home Holiday-Ready with A Network Upgrade

Make sure your family is focused on the holidays instead of trying to get their devices to work

Make Your Home Holiday-Ready with A Network Upgrade

The holidays can be stressful enough as it is, and you don’t want something like your home wireless network to add to your stress. You or your family may receive high-tech gadgets as holiday gifts, and you don’t want your home automation system to slow down right as everyone arrives to visit.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can get your home ready the holidays with a professional home network installation from WSC Home Audio Video. Here are three ways a network upgrade can benefit everyone in your Virginia Beach, VA home.

Why Your Home Network Installation Is Vital to Your Smart Home

Building a smart home from the ground up? Don’t neglect the foundation.

Why Your Home Network Installation Is Vital to Your Smart Home

If you’re building a brand-new smart home, you’ve been given endless possibilities. Without the walls up or anything set in stone, you still have complete control over what happens within your Tidewater, VA, residence and how each system connects to a vast network of audio, video, security and lighting capabilities.

You’re about to learn where having a trusted integrator comes in handy, especially if you’re constructing a sizeable property. At WSC Audio Video, we perform home network installations for a nearly limitless number of devices and access points—even outdoors.

Take advantage of this short opportunity window by ensuring your property is strong enough to support an exciting, innovative future that includes all the technology that your family might need. Keep reading to learn some compelling reasons to make your network a priority. 

Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Why a Strong Connection is Important for Your Home

Stay Connected with a Smart Home Network Installation

Nowadays, we have loads of connected smart devices and technologies running and working at the same time throughout our homes.

Your family most likely has smartphone, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming services working all at the same time.  The more you have running simultaneously, the more likely it is that your home network is working overtime to keep up with all of them.

Each device is competing for bandwidth to preform .  Imagine that your network is a highway filled with traffic.  Each time you turn on your tablet to watch a video on Facebook or load up Netflix to play a new movie, you’re adding a new car onto the already busy road.  It’s more than likely that one technology will crash.

This is the reason you need a stable and updated home network installation for your Chesapeake, VA property.  Especially if you live in a larger home – a simple router just won’t do.

Keep reading below to see why a network installation is necessary, and how it can help improve your daily life using your automated features and tech.