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What to Look for in a Quality Smart Home System

An Expert’s Guide to Smart Home Automation

What to Look for in a Quality Smart Home System

You shop for the best clothes, phones, and furniture, but do you do the same for your smart home technology? The key to getting the best is knowing exactly what you are looking for. When it comes to smart home automation, you need the system to work seamlessly, have a strong network, and quality equipment. Keep reading to learn more about the home technology we offer families in the Chesapeake, VA area.

1. Seamless Integration and Performance

All of the sub-systems of your home should communicate perfectly so that every shade, light, and door lock responds immediately to your commands. Say, “Alexa, start movie scene”, and your lights will dim, the shades will come down, and the projector will turn on your favorite film. Whether you press a button on a universal remote or on your smartphone with an app, your home should start working immediately. WSC Home Audio Video can integrate your security system, audio, video, and lighting and shading so that it all works together to add convenience and efficiency to your home. Even if all your electronics are different brands, we can unite them together into one interlocked system.

2. A Solid Network Connection

In order for your smart home to perform right, it needs a secure and reliable internet connection. Your average local service provider will likely not be able to connect a large smart home. A professional will be able to properly install a home network and solve any problems along the way, such as thick walls or limitations with your location. A commercial-grade router and wireless access points will allow your smart home to reach perfect performance.

 3. Quality Equipment

When investing in a smart home system, it’s essential to choose the right equipment. First, you’ll need the latest systems. Have you heard the term future-ready? You could certainly choose an HD television, but knowing that the video industry is already updating all of its content to 4K, it’s smarter to pick an Ultra-HD TV. Even if you don’t know which smart home systems are best, our team can guide you on the decision. WSC Home Audio Video will also be there to update your technology down the road as things change. Home technology is always evolving, and we are committed to serving the families of Chesapeake to provide the newest and most up to date devices.

Do you have everything you need for a top-notch smart home? Contact us to set up a meeting with our team and receive all the answers you need to make an informed decision.