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Ways to Use Smart Home Automation for Better Home Security

Home automation provides proactive security solutions for safeguarding your property

Ways to Use Smart Home Automation for Better Home Security

If you’re like many homeowners in the Virginia Beach area, then home security is a priority for you. And you’re always looking for better ways to protect your property, family, pets, and valuables. 

Smart security devices that proactively monitor your home and send real-time alerts during emergencies have already greatly expanded the capabilities of home security systems. Integrating security devices with a smart home automation platform is the next step. An integrated system allows you to access and manage all security devices in one place and utilize multiple technologies to respond to invasions or other security events. 

Keep reading to learn two ways home automation provides more comprehensive protection for your Virginia home. 

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Integrate Multiple Systems 

With smart home automation, you can utilize multiple technologies to improve your home security. Scheduling bright lights and loud music to turn on when a sensor or surveillance camera is triggered can deter a home invader from attempting a break-in. Instructing the water to turn off if a flood sensor detects a leak can prevent costly water damage inside. And directing the HVAC system to shut down when the carbon monoxide or smoke alarm goes off can prevent dangerous gases or smoke from spreading through the air vents. 

Automation allows you to use all the technologies at your disposal to take decisive, proactive action to slow or prevent home threats. 

Control Everything in One Place

When something happens in your home, you want immediate access to everything related to the event. Was an alarm triggered? Did the surveillance cameras record the incident? Did the event occur by the front door or in the backyard? Time is of the essence to determine the severity of the situation and alert the authorities if necessary. 

home automation system allows you to view and manage everything in one place  no more struggling to find different apps or remember multiple logins to access your devices. Using a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet, you can easily pull up your entire home system to evaluate a threat. Check the alarm settings, view sensor status, and watch recorded or live-stream camera footage to determine the next best step. 

Have peace of mind knowing you can access, monitor, and control your entire home’s security system from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at work or across the country when a situation arises. 


The WSC Smart Home Designers team is here to assist you with all your smart home automation and home security needs in the Virginia Beach, VA area. Let’s get started making your home a safer place  call us, fill out an online form, or chat with us live using the chatbox on your screen. We look forward to working with you!

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