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Top Benefits of a Professional Smart Home Security Installation

For true peace of mind, hire a team that has extensive experience with intelligent security systems

Top Benefits of a Professional Smart Home Security Installation

We tell our children that they’re safe at home and that nobody is out to get them, but that’s not always the case. While crime rates may vary across cities and neighborhoods, it’s important to take your family’s safety seriously and take proper precautions.

One way you can help secure your home is with a security system that employs smart technology. With a web of cameras, sensors and locks working in harmony, you’ll have a robust network of devices in place to protect your family. If you live in Virginia Beach and want to sleep a little easier at night, keep reading to learn why you should trust a professional integrator to set up your home’s security system.

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In recent years, smart technology has driven incredible advancements in home security systems. Smart video doorbells and locks make it easier to manage who has access to your home. You can give temporary access codes to friends or family, then deactivate the code once they leave. These devices also provide a much more detailed picture of what’s happening outside your home.

Smart technology has also made indoor and outdoor security cameras more powerful. Many camera models now have advanced features like night vision, pan-tilt-zoom capability, high-definition footage and facial recognition. With these advancements, a camera is now much more likely to spot anyone trying to get inside your home. If you’re on vacation or feel the urge to take a quick look around at night, your phone can give you live camera feeds and update you on the status of individual security subsystems.


While new technology has made home security devices more powerful, it’s also made these devices more difficult and time-consuming to install. You could tackle the job yourself, but you’re better off hiring a team with more experience and training.

At WSC Home Audio Video, we’re home automation experts. When we’ve completed your project, you’ll have a security system that’s both eye-catching and functional. We’ll bring our passion, dedication and professional demeanor to your project.


Why else should you hire our team to help protect your home? For one, we have extensive training in all manner of security systems and devices. Our knowledge and experience help us to craft systems that work in harmony while giving you the protection and control you desire.

However, a security installation from our team includes more than installing the cameras, sensors, etc. For example, take your home network. If connectedness is what gives many modern security devices their power, then you need a network that can handle all those new devices drawing bandwidth from our Internet provider. With inadequate network coverage, you’ll still be left with a subpar system. By choosing WSC Home Audio Video for your security system, you can rest assured knowing we’ve accounted for every detail. We’ll test your network and more to make sure you have the full protection you desire.

To learn more about a security system from WSC Home Audio Video, call us at (757) 493-5000 or visit our contact page.

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