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How to Upgrade Your Restaurant with Audio/Video

Ask Yourself These Important Questions When Updating Your Chesapeake Business

How to Upgrade Your Restaurant with Audio/Video

Chesapeake, Virginia has some incredible seafood restaurants, but it also has sushi, cupcake cafes and more. There’s something for everyone, so it can be difficult choosing which place you want to eat out at. For Virginia Beach restaurant owners, they face competition from all sides. People can be picky, so how are you as an owner or manager going to distinguish your brand? Adding a professional audio video system is one way to set your eatery apart from the others. And it’s not just for upscale restaurants; integration can help boost business in your bar or late-night club too. Here’s how.

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First, ask yourself these questions:

Does your business have a TV?

While adding a TV may not be the right choice for every business, it is a good question to consider. TVs offer your patrons some entertainment. This can help keep people ordering more food and drinks—especially if a sports event is going on. Your place may have a TV, but is it up to date? Upgrading your standard TVs to 4K can be a good choice if you want to appear relevant to new customers. Even if you don’t want to add video to an upscale restaurant, placing just a single screen up front may help attract people walking by as they see images of the delicious food you offer.


Does your place have a digital sign?

Replace your static sign with a dynamic digital sign and you can change the messaging anytime you want to. Update the menu with seasonal items or new standout dishes, display upcoming events, or reviews by local newspapers. Anything you can do to make your business appear current is crucial to your success.

Can you control the music volume in any corner of the room?

Playing music in your restaurant or bar adds ambience to the room, but what if one of your customers thinks it is too loud? With integrated audio, you can adjust the volume in one specific location. We can make this happen by installing the speakers in designated zones. One zone may be by the bar, another on the patio, and then two more on opposite sides of the dining room. This will also give you the ability to play different types of music at the same time as well.

Can your staff access the audio/video quickly and easily?

If it’s difficult to explain how to change the TV channel to your staff it may be time for an upgrade. Managing the audio/video shouldn’t feel like rocket science. Give your staff easy-to-use controls like a handy tablet or remote that is simple to understand. Keep the whole restaurant connected on one system so that you don’t have to train management on how to use multiple systems.

Is your business ready for the future?

Get your business ready for the future by adding the latest technology. How? Work with a local expert who knows exactly what’s coming. Contact WSC Home Audio Video by filling out this online form.

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