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Give Your Family a Gift With Smart Home Control

Three Ways Technology Can Make Your Home Cozier

Give Your Family a Gift With Smart Home Control

When’s the last time you treated your Chesapeake, VA home to something different? Of course, it sounds cheesy at first, but any investment in your home is a gift to you and your family. A smart home control system will benefit you and your loved ones this holiday season and into the coming year. Read on to explore how an updated smart home will help you set the tone for a perfect holiday season and upgrade your new year’s resolutions.

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Improve Your Health Next Year

Scientists have proven that lighting affects our health. Because of our circadian rhythms, we were designed to respond to lighting according to our body’s natural rhythm. Unfortunately, that natural pattern often gets interrupted by our modern lifestyles.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism reports that exposure to the wrong type of lighting at the wrong time can result in higher incidences of diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Conversely, the appropriate lighting for the time of day keeps you healthy and motivated while alleviating unnecessary anxiety.

Cortisol, the “wake-up” hormone, stimulates the activity centers in your brain that keep your mind and body alert. Blue lighting alerts your brain to produce cortisone, and warm lighting tells your mind and body it’s time to wind down. Without the use of lighting automation, we are likely exposed to more blue lighting from smart phones and common home lighting, which keeps us from relaxing. If it’s time to finally get the rest you need, maybe automated lighting is the secret you’ve been hoping for.

Get cozy and stay entertained

From the moment you arrive at your home to the moment you leave, you will be mesmerized by the possibilities of smart home control. Program your lights to turn on as you walk down your pathway to the door. Arrive in a home lit exactly how you want it. Program your entertainment in every room so you can start a movie in the living room and finish it when you go to bed.

Some clients are also motivated to automate their homes because they love to entertain. Impress guests with single-touch control of your entertainment systems, the newest display and surround-sound technology and lighting and shade automation to set the mood. Just be prepared -- they’ll never want to watch the game anywhere else again!

Give Yourself Peace of Mind With Improved Security

As smart home integrators, we love talking about entertainment and gadgets, but nothing replaces feeling secure in your home. Improving your security systems will allow you to monitor your home from away or feel more safe while you’re there.

Make this the year for security improvement, and set priorities. Have you installed a security camera that sends alerts to your phone? Does your security system let you monitor videos in real time? If not, you might want to call a security professional before the year ends.

Want to learn more about smart home control so you can love your home next year? Feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to bring these smart solutions to your Chesapeake home.