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3 Inspired Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System

Take advantage of multi-room music to make your life more enjoyable

3 Inspired Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System

Whole-home audio brings entertainment and enjoyment to everyone in your family. It makes your movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks sound fantastic no matter where you are in your Norfolk, VA home  including outside by the pool or patio! Centralized management of all your audio sources ensures that everyone in your household can access and control music whenever they want. 

With whole-home audio, your favorite music is always just a button press away. Keep reading to learn three ways to enjoy multi-room music anywhere at home.  

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1. Throw a Party

Good music is one of the defining characteristics of a memorable party. And a multi-room music system gives you so much flexibility to set the ambience and atmosphere. One option is to create dedicated zones with different playlists. Set up energetic, upbeat music for dancing in the living room and a softer, more casual playlist for conversation and socializing on the back patio. 

Another option is to stream the same playlist throughout the entire house. With speakers in every room, your music will be clear and evenly dispersed without having to turn the volume up, providing a comfortable listening experience to everyone at the party. 

Do your guests have special song requests? You can change the tunes within seconds using your smartphone app. Or direct guests to the on-wall touchscreen in the living room to make selections themselves. 

2. Have a Romantic Date Night

Treat your spouse to a romantic date night with homemade dinner and dancing. Stream an upbeat playlist over the kitchen speakers while you cook and enjoy time together. When the meal is ready, use your smartphone to send music to the back patio table  choose a soft, instrumental playlist that sets the mood without disrupting conversation. 

After dessert, tap your smartphone once more to start the specially crafted Spotify playlist with all your favorite songs, and sweep your partner into your arms for dancing. 

3. Enjoy Some Much-Deserved “Me Time”

As much as you and your family love each other, everyone needs some personal time to relax and unwind. A whole-home audio system makes it possible for your family to spread out and enjoy entertainment in their own spaces. Turn on the news for background noise and work in the home office while your spouse listens to a podcastin the living room and the kids blast music by the pool

A professionally installed home audio system is designed room-by-room and perfectly calibrated to prevent sound from traveling into other areas. That means you can enjoy music and audio wherever you are without bothering other members of the household.   

Are you ready to incorporate more music into your life? WSC Smart Home Designers is a trusted local integrator in Norfolk, VA, and surrounding areas. We’re here to help you with all your whole-home audio and smart technology needs. Call us, fill out an online form, or connect with us via live chat to get started. 

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