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The Top Advantages & Features of a Multi-Room Music System


Upgrade Your Home Entertainment with Advanced Audio

Bring your music and media to every area of your home! A multi-room music system makes it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite tunes and audio. This sophisticated setup lets you stream music seamlessly throughout your entire home, creating an immersive audio experience that enhances your everyday life.

From improving your mood to making entertaining guests more enjoyable, a multi-room music system offers numerous benefits. Explore below to see why you should consider integrating this technology across your Norfolk, VA, home and how to make the most of it!

Why Professional Network Installation Is A Game-Changer for Your Home

A woman with a baby on the phone using a laptop at a breakfast table, while her husband is at the stove in the background.

Streamline Your Smart Home Setup

Having a reliable and robust home network is crucial for your smart home setup! Whether it’s for remote work, online schooling, streaming entertainment, or managing smart home devices, a solid network foundation is key to ensuring smooth and uninterrupted access to the internet.

While DIY network setups can be tempting, hiring a professional to install your home network can offer endless benefits that go far beyond just saving you time and effort. In this blog, we’ll dive into why a professional network installation is a worthwhile investment for your Virginia Beach, VA home. Keep reading for more!

Why Working with a Sonos Dealer Is Ideal


Bring a Cohesive & Distributed Audio Setup to Your Whole Home

When it comes to enhancing your audio experience, Sonos stands out as a leader in home sound systems. Offering a range of products that blend high-quality audio with smart technology, Sonos enables users to enjoy seamless streaming across every room of their home.

However, to truly maximize the potential of these innovative systems, partnering with a certified Sonos dealer can be immensely beneficial. In this blog, we’ll explore the top advantages of working with a Sonos dealer to elevate your Chesapeake, VA, home’s audio setup. Learn more by reading below!

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces with Landscape Lighting


Brighten Up Your Backyard & Transform Your Outdoor Living

Landscape lighting is more than just a solution to illuminate your outdoor spaces; it's an investment in aesthetics, functionality, safety, and security for your home.

When strategically planned and properly installed, landscape lighting can transform your outdoor living areas and elevate the overall appeal of your household in the Chesapeake, VA, area. Below are the key benefits of integrating landscape lighting into your home's exterior design!

Bringing Top-Tier Lighting Design to Your Home

A kitchen space with many Control4 lighting fixtures as part of a professional lighting design and setup.

Illuminate Your Living Spaces in Style

Proper lighting design goes beyond a matter of brightness or aesthetics. A top-notch design is crucial to creating comfortable and inviting living spaces. The right lighting can enhance your home's ambiance, improve its functionality, and even benefit your health and well-being.

In this blog, we’ll explore the many benefits of proper lighting design for your Virginia Beach, VA, home. Brighten up your living spaces today—learn more by reading below.

Brighten Up Your Living Spaces with Lighting Control

A smart lighting control fixture from Control4 in a kitchen space.

One Tap of a Button Can Enhance Your Surroundings

Lighting control systems have transformed the way you illuminate your living spaces, offering unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and efficiency. These lighting solutions, which range from simple dimmers to sophisticated smart lighting networks, allow you to tailor your home environment precisely to your needs and preferences.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top benefits of smart lighting control for your home in the Virginia Beach, VA area, highlighting why it's more than just a luxury—it's an innovative, sustainable choice for modern, everyday living. Keep reading to find out more!

Let Motorized Shades Reshape Your Daily Routine at Home

A kitchen space featuring motorized shades in the back.

One Tap of a Button Can Transform How You Experience Your Living Spaces

Motorized shades represent a seamless fusion of technology and home comfort, transforming how you can experience and interact with your living spaces. As your home becomes smarter and more connected, integrating motorized shades into your daily routine can significantly impact your everyday living experience, offering convenience, energy efficiency, and a touch of luxury.

In this blog, we’ll explore how motorized shades can reshape your daily routine across your Virginia Beach, VA, home, making your life easier and more comfortable.

Illuminate Your Property with Landscape Lighting

Outdoor stairs illuminated by landscape lighting fixtures.

Elevate Your Curb & Backyard with Top-Tier Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is a transformative element for any home, blending aesthetics, functionality, and security into one cohesive package! Beyond illuminating your outdoor spaces, well-designed landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your property, extends living spaces into the outdoors, and increases safety and security.

In this blog, we'll explore the many benefits of landscape lighting and why it's a valuable addition to your home in the Chesapeake, VA, area. Learn more by reading below!

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Our Trusted TV-Mounting Services

A media room setup featuring a mounted TV and various surround sound speakers.

Upgrade Your Viewing Experience with a Professional TV Installation

The television is the centerpiece of both your family gatherings and solo relaxation moments. So, the importance of professional TV-mounting services cannot be overstated! As you gear up for your upcoming TV installation, consider the many benefits that come with entrusting the process to seasoned professionals, like our team at WSC Home Audio Video, who understand the art and science of TV mounting.

Ready to learn more about our trusted TV-mounting services for the upcoming installation in your home in the Norfolk, VA, area? Keep reading.

Smart Home Security Helps Keep You and Your Family Safe

A smart home security camera over a backyard with vibrantly green grass.

Gain Peace of Mind with These Top-Tier Security Features

Keeping your family and home safe and secure is always at the forefront of your mind. Smart technologies can help alleviate these everyday worries, whether you’re home or away! These integrated security systems offer a variety of benefits that go beyond traditional security measures, providing peace of mind and enhancing safety for your whole household.

Want to find out how a smart home security system can make all the difference for your property in the Suffolk, VA, area? Keep reading.

Exploring the Top Benefits of Smart Lighting Control for Your Home


Brighten Up Your Home & Daily Living with Lighting Automation

Lighting is more than just a means to illuminate spaces; it sets the ambiance, accentuates home décor, and significantly impacts the functionality of your whole home. Lighting control systems offer endless benefits that surpass simply lighting up a room.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why integrating lighting control across your home in the Virginia Beach, VA, area is a transformative choice. Keep reading for more!

Optimize Your Home Entertainment Setup with TV Mounting Services


Let Us Customize Your Home Media Space with a Professional Installation

There is far more to mounting a television on your living room wall than simply finding an open spot. The installation is about optimizing your viewing experience while ensuring safety and aesthetics. Our team at WSC Home Audio Video’s professional TV mounting services provides a multitude of advantages that transform your home in the Virginia Beach, VA, area’s entertainment setup.

Want to learn what our trusted installation services entail and why it’s important to go the professional route? Keep reading.


The Right Lighting Design Makes All the Difference

A hallway illuminated by Control4 lighting fixtures with a Control4 wall panel in the foreground.

Create the Ideal Home Atmosphere Across Your Living Spaces

The impact of a professional lighting design on your living spaces cannot be overstated! It's more than just adding illumination; it's about transforming the very essence of your home, enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and ambiance. With just the tap of a button, you can effortlessly reshape and elevate every room of your home in the Virginia Beach area.

Want to learn more about how a professional lighting design can reshape and elevate your living spaces? Keep reading.

Elevate Your Home Entertainment with Proper TV Mounting

A living space with a media setup featuring a mounted TV over a fireplace.

The Benefits of a Professional TV Installation

A central element of any modern home is the television, serving not only as a source of entertainment but also as a hub for streaming, gaming, and even video conferencing if you work from home! To fully enjoy the immersive experience of your television, one essential consideration is how it's installed and mounted.

While it may seem tempting to tackle TV mounting as a DIY project, there are numerous benefits to entrusting this task to professionals like the ones at WSC Smart Home Designers. In this blog, we'll explore why our professional TV mounting services are a smart choice for your home in the Chesapeake, VA, area’s entertainment setup. Keep reading for more!

How Can Smart Home Automation Transform Your Living Spaces?

An open living space featuring smart home automation solutions like smart lighting fixtures and a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall.

Enhance Your Whole Home & Daily Lifestyle with Top-Tier Technologies

Smart home automation absolutely revolutionizes the way you interact with and manage your smart home. With the seamless integration of smart technology, daily living across your home can be transformed in a variety of ways.

In this blog, we'll explore how smart home automation can enhance daily living across different spaces of your home in the Chesapeake, VA, area. Keep reading for more!

Reshaping Your Home with Lighting Control

A home’s hallway with a Control4 lighting control wall panel and interface on the wall.

Give Your Living Spaces a Boost with Just the Tap of a Button

Illuminating your home is easier than ever these days! Lighting control has ushered in an era of convenience, energy efficiency, and ambiance that can reshape your home in the Chesapeake, VA, area in ways you might not have imagined.

Want to learn more about bringing top-tier lighting automation to your living spaces to elevate your daily lifestyle? Keep reading!

How Can Motorized Shades Reshape Your Living Spaces?


Elevate Your Home with Innovative Shading

Have you considered automated window treatments for your living spaces? Motorized shades are more and more popular these days as a convenient and stylish addition to modern smart home living spaces. Automated shades offer a variety of benefits that go beyond mere convenience! In this blog, we'll explore the many advantages of motorized shades for your home in Virginia Beach, VA, from enhancing privacy and energy efficiency to elevating your overall quality of life. 

Why Is a Professional Home Theater Installation a Must?

A home theater space featuring seating, acoustic treatments, and a large screen.

Bring Top-Tier Services to Your Cinema Today

Upgrading your home entertainment doesn’t have to be a hassle or overwhelming task! When you work with a trusted team of experts for your home theater installation, you can rest assured that the process will run smoothly from start to finish.

So, why is a professional implementation a must for your theater space in your home in the Virginia Beach area? Keep reading for more about WSC Home Audio Video’s installation services and solutions.

Top Benefits of Smart Home Networking Solutions

A woman at a desk working in her home office utilizing home networking solutions.

Bring a Robust Network Connection to Your Home Today

Create your ideal living space with a smart home network that can keep up with your various innovative technologies and devices. Professional home networking solutions can elevate your living spaces with a centralized and cohesive smart-home setup that serves your family for any and every occasion.

Want to learn how crucial an upgraded network is for your Chesapeake, VA, home and how these top-tier solutions can benefit your daily living experience? Keep reading.

The Top Benefits of a Whole-Home Audio System for Your Living Spaces


Just a Tap of a Button Fills Your Home with Your Favorite Music & Media

Imagine your favorite music available to you in every room of your Virginia Beach home at just the press of a button. With a whole-home audio system, that dream becomes a reality—you can experience comprehensive audio distribution across your entire property for any and every occasion!

Elevate your daily living with a multi-room music system in place. Want to learn more about this sound setup? Keep reading.

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