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Articles tagged with: smart home automation

Build a Better Home Networking Experience With WiFi 6

Discover How the Newest Wireless System Makes Your Connectivity Faster and More Reliable

Build a Better Home Networking Experience With WiFi 6

Your luxury smart home provides you with peace of mind with security, the ultimate in entertainment, and the benefits of tunable lighting. Regardless of the service, to run smoothly, you need home networking that satisfies your needs now and meets the demands to come. 

Today, wireless is the default method of connecting to the internet or devices throughout the house. While the products we install in the home have evolved by leaps and bounds, WiFi has remained relatively fixed, and this imbalance has caused performance issues until now. 

Are you ready to have faster, safer, and more reliable connectivity in your Virginia Beach, VA area home? Keep reading below to learn more. 


Experience The Excitement And Drama Of The Crowd, Feel Every Hit, And Bring The Action Right To You


The autumnal equinox is not quite here yet, and the summer is still high in the sky, but there is a distinct change in the air. If you listen closely, you can hear the opening fanfare of trumpets introducing Heavy Action, football’s unofficial theme song, filling the air. Whether you are a fan of the NFL, NCAA, PAC 12 or your local high school teams, it’s time to get back to the gridiron!

Here in Chesapeake, VA, we can enjoy the outdoors nearly year-round, perfect for enjoying all the games in the fresh air. While watching the game on an all-weather 4K ultra-high-definition monitor puts you in the action, the audio creates visceral excitement. Origin Acoustics outdoor audio speakers provide incredibly detailed sound throughout the yard of your smart home.  

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of football by the pool? Continue reading to find out how we can make it a reality.


Dispense With Traditional Automation Interfaces, Use Your Natural Voice Without Repeating Yourself Or Privacy Fears.


Voice control of devices was a long sought-after feature throughout the early 20th century. The first practical unit was Bell Lab’s 1962 unit dubbed 'Shoebox.' The device could respond to a male voice speaking the numbers 0-9 and a few mathematical commands. We have come a long way with 'smart speakers' controlling lights, cameras, and more; they have become a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern home.

While voice control has become more popular, not all systems and devices offer the same feature sets or flexibility levels. The Josh.ai system provides a next-level, 21st-century interaction for your Chesapeake, VA smart home. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Continue reading below to learn more.

A Security System Allows You to Vacation with Confidence

Manage Access, Deter Break-ins, and Make Sure Your Home is Secure While You are Away

A Security System Allows You to Vacation with Confidence

Your home is a sanctuary; it is one of the few places you can unwind and truly be yourself. The luxury and convenience of your household in the Virginia Beach, VA area furnish you with a house that adapts to your lifestyle. You revel in the stunning sound of your whole-home audio or take comfort in environmental controls that maintain just the right balance.

A nice as your home is, life is not only about one place -there is a whole world to explore out there. Now that the ability to travel is opening up, there is an excitement for seeing new places and experiencing new people in places far away from home. You may already have your bags packed and passport ready, but how can you be sure your home is safe and secure while you are away?

The right security system keeps you connected, protecting your property while you are home or away. Read more below to learn how to vacation with confidence.