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Articles tagged with: Home Control System

2 Ways to Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Work with your local Control4 dealer to customize your system for better home management

2 Ways to Personalize Your Control4 Smart Home

Automation systems are designed to make your life more convenient and comfortable by bringing all your home technologies to live in one hub. Over the years, Control4 has tapped into multiple updates and improvements to its operating systems to ensure that you — the end-user — can manage your smart home in a way that fits your lifestyle and daily routines. If you have a Control4 smart home (or you’re considering one), read our blog post below to learn two ways you can personalize and customize your smart home to meet your needs better.

WSC Smart Home Designers — your trusted Control4 dealer in Virginia Beach, VA — can walk you through setting up these customizations in your home!

Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Multi-Room Audio

Curious about what multi-room audio is and how it can improve your home? We’re answering all your questions here!

Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Multi-Room Audio

Is music a central part of home life for you and your family? If it is, then why not invest in a system that offers freedom, choice and easy control to everyone when it comes to playing music in your home in the Virginia Beach area?

A multi-room music installation can vastly simplify and improve the way you and your family access and listen to music. Today, the experts at WSC Home Audio Video are here to answers any questions you have and help you get started. Keep reading below!

Install Smart Climate Control for a More Comfortable Home

Home automation can make your home cozier, easier to manage, and more energy-efficient

Install Smart Climate Control for a More Comfortable Home

Everyone wants their home to be a place of supreme comfort. Whether you’re coming in from the sweltering summer heat or a frigid winter day, it should be the ideal temperature once you’re inside. And yet, it’s often a challenge to maintain a consistent, pleasant temperature in our home. Furthermore, your HVAC system is one of the most energy-intensive systems in your home, making it costly to run the heat or air conditioning for long periods.

What if your home could respond in real-time to the temperature both outside and inside? And what if you could manage your home’s climate control system more easily while also improving your energy efficiency? These are just some of the benefits Virginia residents in the Virginia Beach region can enjoy with a smart climate control system for their home. Keep reading to learn more.

Do You Know the Dos and Don’ts of Smart Home Control?

What should you consider before connecting your home?

Do You Know the Dos and Don’ts of Smart Home Control?

If you’re getting started with smart home control in your Suffolk, VA, home, you’ll need to know the most intelligent way to get started. Maybe you’ve even heard ill-advised tips from well-meaning people that just weren’t installation experts. 

As seasoned industry professionals, we’d like to give you a few pointers before you head into the project -- as well as some pitfalls to avoid. Follow these basic dos and don’ts of smart home control so you can take your next automation step with confidence. 

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