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Some Man Cave Basics

Explore the Man Cave Essentials

Some Man Cave Basics

Man Caves are great for the male psyche and ego no matter your marriage status or how old you are. They’re a refuge and a great place to recharge your internal batteries. They give us the freedom and space to enjoy a football game with the guys, play a relaxing game of pool or darts or give us a place of solace to get some extra work done. The benefits could be endless, but before you go and build your extravagant man cave, be sure that you include these very necessary items.

Keeping inside your budget, you’ll want to make this space unique and add as many personal man cave ideas as you can. However there are certain man cave essentials to have. We’re men and we have needs that include entertainment, food and of course TV. That’s not everything that a man cave needs, but it’s where we’ll start.

  1. Recliner
    I know you thought I was going to start with TV, but not every one is super into sports or TV. Remember, a man cave can be used just to relax and get away. It could also be used to get work done or entertain a client. Chances are you’ll get comfortable and fall asleep in your unique space and waking up with a stiff neck from sleeping on the couch is never fun…so the first item on our list is the recliner. Keep in mind, this is your throne, so don’t skimp on the options you want whether that’s an extra cup holder or a massage feature.
  2. TV
    (Told you we’d get to the TV) A lot of us build a man cave solely so we can watch sports and enjoy hosting a get together to watch big events like the Super Bowl. If you’re going all out on furnishing your ultimate refuge you’ll definitely want a large TV to make things complete. If sports isn’t your thing, having a large, flat screen TV is still great for watching movies with the wife and family. Sure, it’s your man cave, but having the people you love enjoy it with you can be a blast.
  3. Bar and Fridge
    Having a man cave means you don’t’ have to walk upstairs to get yourself a cool beverage. To keep from traveling out of your comfy place to quench your thirst your need to have a man cave bar and/or fridge. It’s perfect for when the guys come over but also handy when you have family gatherings or parties. We suggest a full bar, but if your budget or space won’t accommodate one, a fridge will do just fine.

We’ve just touched the tip of man cave essentials, but don’t fret, we’ll get to more in a future article. Remember to keep things personal and uniquely reflective of your personality. Ask the pros at WSC Home Audio Video for their help, thoughts and advice. After all, they’re the experts