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Show Off a Space’s Elegance and Style

Increase a Home’s Value with Smart Lighting Control

Show Off a Space’s Elegance and Style

If you’re a realtor or designer in Chesapeake, VA showing a client’s home or property, you know that the aesthetics and appearance of a space are often a crucial factor of whether a sale is made or not. 

Adding smart technology to a home doesn’t just bump up its value, but also allows you to showcase each area with unique features. One smart solution is lighting control – and its benefits are endless. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into how smart lighting can boost curb appeal and elevate a home you are showing. Keep on reading below to learn more.




Illuminate Any Space 

A smart lighting solution can easily enhance any room by highlighting its best features. 

Brighten the lights in the living room and kitchen, and dim the lights in the dining room to create an elegant ambiance for the area. 

New homeowners will be impressed by how stylish and luxurious different rooms can look all depending on a shift in the overhead lights, or other various lighting fixtures. 

Want to put a significant piece of art on display? Schedule certain lights to turn on and highlight a painting or valuable, placing emphasis on it and drawing attention. 

Exhibit varying ways the lights can enrich a space so that the current homeowners’ setup will inspire potential buyers. And the system is so easy to use, there won’t be a complicated learning curve to tackle.


Increased Security 

Enhancing your decor isn't the only selling point, so are the added security and safety benefits. 

With lighting control, homeowners have the option to set lights to turn on and off while they’re gone or on vacation. This “away” setting makes it seem like the house is occupied, keeping intruders from viewing the home as a potential target. 

And if a security system detects movement on the property, lights can flood the area –frightening away unwanted guests. 

A well-lit home looks appealing and full of life. And at night, lighting the walkways and garage areas can make it safer for the homeowners or friends to enter.


Stand Out on the Block 

Incorporating landscape lighting will also make a property look inviting and welcoming for anyone passing by or pulling up into the driveway. 

While increasing security, the exterior lights can be arranged to heighten the architecture and angles of a house. This will put the home’s best face forward to anyone seeing it. 

Lights can adjust to the sun setting, so no matter what time you showcase the home – buyers will see just how gorgeous the lights make it and how it stands out among the rest of the houses on the block. 


Want to learn more about how lighting control for your clients can boost the value of their home in the Coastal Virginia area? We’ve got you covered. 

Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you.


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