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One Remote to Rule Them All

We have to laugh sometimes at the necessity of the “remote caddy,” another thing that takes up space in your home. Doesn’t it seem silly to have separate remotes for your television, your cable or satellite system, and your DVD or Blu-Ray player? Given the frequency with which you have to switch remotes to watch a favorite show or movie, it’s no surprise that people get frustrated. What happens, too, when you lose one of those remotes and can’t watch anything at all?

That is where a universal remote comes in handy – it allows you to consolidate multiple remotes into one. Universal remotes come in a wide range of varieties – some have dozens upon dozens of buttons while others only have a select few. Universal remotes are typically larger than a standard manufacturer’s remote, so they are not so easily lost in between couch cushions.

How universal is a universal remote? Some of the electronic devices that can be operated with one high-end model include, but are not limited to: DVD/VCR, CD changer, laserdisc player, amplifier, tape deck, game consoles, computer, light controller, climate controller, cable box, satellite box.

Unlike most ordinary remotes, many universal remotes come with a battery backup feature like flash memory that allows you to save your programmed commands in between battery changes. Charging cradles are an option to ensure that you do not lose any of your previously programmed memory.

Another advantage to having a universal remote is that they are easier to use than most remote control devices. You don’t have to stand on your head or point a certain way to get it to work.

Universal remotes are not all the same. In fact, universal remotes fall into two major categories: multi-brand and learning.

Multi-brand remotes come preprogrammed with the codes to operate a number of standard electronics. This means that you do not have to spend time entering any complicated codes on your own. These remotes can typically be used to manage about four devices, and they usually only control their main functions, such as turning the channel and volume control.

Learning remotes go beyond multi-brand universal remotes. While they also often come preprogrammed to operate a number of popular electronic models, that have the ability to “learn” the functions of the original manufacturer’s remote. Simply hold your learning remote head-to-head with your original remote and infrared signals will be transmitted to allow it to the duplicate the other remote’s commands. If a new high-tech electronic gadget comes out after you have already purchased your learning remote, it can still learn all of the new device’s commands. Some multi-brand remotes can also be programmed to operate new devices depending on the model.

If you’re tired of playing remote roulette, it’s time to get a universal remote that does everything for you. When you contact WSC Home Audio Video for help, we’ll set you up with one remote that does everything you need, from turning on the TV to connecting to your Netflix or DVD player.

Call us today at 757-493-5000 to learn more about getting your own universal remote for your entertainment system.