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Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

Find Out How An Updated Home Network Can Make Your Media Better And Your Private Data Protected

Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

The new year is a time to review, refresh, and renew, and there is no better time to look at an upgraded home network installation. Your data network is vital to the operation of any smart home. Nearly all of your entertainment and home management devices rely on having a fast, reliable, and secure connection. 

Streaming content has grown exponentially in the last few years. 4K content from multiplayer games, video services, and even security systems can consume large portions of available bandwidth.  Having a network that can accommodate high demands without stalling and sputtering or causing other operations to fail is essential. 

Are you curious about what a network installation does and how it can enhance your Virginia Beach, VA Area? Read more below.

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A Question of Connection 

home network is not just a connection portal to the internet. While many of the devices in your home may rely on access to servers on the web, they connect and communicate inside the house. A network may use wires to make a hard connection with an ethernet cable or wirelessly using radio frequency (RF) access points.  

A hard-wired connection is the single most reliable and secure method. Ethernet cable has more bandwidth, runs faster, and experiences fewer service interruptions. In reality, it is not always possible or convenient to be tied to a single location. 

Wireless is the most predominant method in smart homes. We live in a wireless world full of personal smart devices, dongles, and a plethora of IoT products. While Wi-Fi does allow you unfettered access, it does have some limitations.  

Wi-Fi transmits over the 2.4GHz and 5GHz range of frequencies, segmented into different ‘channels’ for a device to link over. As wireless networks have grown in use, the small RF spectrum has become congested. The density of devices can result in signals getting lost in the haze, making connections more difficult and less stable. 

A proper wireless home network installation involves technicians conducting a site survey to determine potential issues and find solutions. An essential part of the discovery process is using a spectrum analyzer.  We identify which frequencies/channels are optimal, and what interference your neighbor’s systems may be generating. 

Stream Confidently 

Streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, and gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox have become the defacto entertainment method.  While the 4K content these providers supply is compressed, the bandwidth they consume is substantial and can be the source of many issues. 

The amount of data packets generated between one streaming source is moderate and puts only a minimal strain on the network. Most homes have multiple TVs, smartphones, and consoles accessing content all at once. As each device access media, the amount of bandwidth consumed is multiplied, pushing the system to its limits. 

Our professional design and implementation ensure that you always have enough room to enjoy your movies without worry or interruption. 

Protect and Preserve

Security is always a concern. It is a genuine concern, from unsavory actors on the internet to nefarious folks just outside your property. With the proliferation of smart speakers, doorbell cameras, and other IoT systems, the anxiety over others gaining access is genuine. 

We take your home and data safety and security very seriously, using a multiprong methodology to protect you and your privacy. We implement security schemes and regular monitoring services to prevent access and review any attempts to break in. We aim to furnish you with top-level security balanced with easy access for you and your family’s devices. 

Are you interested in learning how we can make your home network installation reliable and safe? Call WSC Home Audio Video at (757) 493-5000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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