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How Can You Optimize A Digital Signage Installation?

Use Digital Displays to Educate and Persuade Your Existing Customer Base in Chesapeake

How Can You Optimize A Digital Signage Installation?

As a business owner, there are a variety of ways you can promote your company. Between radio and TV advertising, billboards, social media, your website, and the other alternatives to consider, the options can seem endless.

There’s another way to get the word out about your new offerings, events, and promotions: Consider a digital signage solution.

In this scenario, WSC’s team of installation experts will place customizable signage throughout your client-facing facility, whether it’s a gym, restaurant, bar, retail or other establishment.

So, what are the steps your business can take in and around Chesapeake to ensure you will be getting the most out of your digital signage installation?

Here are our recommendations for how you can best utilize your brand-new screens.

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Engage Your Customers

One of the best ways to utilize digital signage is to increase customer retention and engagement.

Our installation will feature 4K Ultra HD screens strategically placed throughout your establishment. Your customers will be able to see the displays during key moments when they’ll have time to process information, like jogging on a treadmill or waiting for appetizers at the bar. As you customize the content on your new displays, consider the customers’ mindset and the most important information for those moments.

For example, engaging graphics might encourage customers to follow your business’ social media accounts, from which you can send out exclusive promotions. Or, advertise special events at your facility to inspire clients to return more often.

Showcase a fixed display or alternate between a few designs. With several digital signage displays throughout your facility, you can develop a strategy that best suits your business. With targeted messaging and appealing graphics, you can use digital signage as an effective method to advertise your business and engage existing customers.

Showcase Promotions or Menu Items

An additional way your business can take advantage of digital signage is by influencing buying patterns. Use an entire display to showcase a signature menu item, product or service you offer so that customers – both new and old – understand it’s your specialty.

Highlight limited-time and recurring promotions to persuade customers further. A first-time visitor on a Saturday might be impressed with your selection and see that you have a Tuesday happy hour special, and now you have a customer that could come back every week.

You also can use a digital signage installation to display your entire menu or services. Not only can you quickly change prices or adjust available options this way, but you can also customize the design to attract customers to specific items.

We at WSC love working with local businesses here in the Chesapeake area to enhance their digital signage presence.

Find out more about our dedicated design-build-install process by reaching out to us today! Click the live chat button below to get in touch with a member of our team right now.