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Find Peace in a Wireless Speaker

A Wireless Speaker Gives You Options

Find Peace in a Wireless Speaker

Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music – when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

An easy way to find peace in your home is to create a space to immerse yourself in your favorite music. It used to be that whole home sound was a purview of the wealthy. Homes didn’t typically come pre-wired for sound. One option is to install an aftermarket system, but cutting into walls can be expensive and destructive. Also, exposed wire is never pleasing to the eye. So what options are left? With the advent of WIFI, Bluetooth wireless speaker systems are a cost effective and dynamic option for any homeowner. Here’s why:

There is no wire to purchase or install. Wireless speakers mount almost anywhere and our team will sync your system for you. Drilling and cutting are limited only to mounting equipment. You save on labor, material and mess. Wireless speaker systems are easily upgradable, replaceable and expandable.

While you will still need wiring to connect the various components of the central unit, the satellite speakers themselves will be operating via radio or infrared transmissions. This eliminates the need of having to run a length of wire from an amplifier to each satellite speaker. With a wireless system, you easily eliminate the inevitable maze of speaker cables strewn about your floor.

But how do these wireless speakers work?

In traditional speakers, electricity flows from an amplifier within the source, such as a stereo system, to the speaker over two wires. This allows the source to alternate the flow of electricity to the speakers, which causes the electromagnet’s poles to switch.

Wireless speakers have to create the same effect without the assistance of wires. Wireless speakers have no direct connection to a stereo system or other source. Instead, the system must send a signal that the speakers can receive and convert into electricity in order to drive the voice coil inside the speaker itself. This can be done in a number of ways, including radio and infrared waves.

Radio waves have a few advantages over other forms of electromagnetic radiation. However, to get radio waves from a wireless stereo system, you will need a few extra components. First, you will need a transmitter connected to the stereo system in order to convert electrical signals to radio waves. You will also need an antenna and receiver on the wireless speaker to detect the radio signal. Finally, an amplifier will be needed to boost the power of the signal from the receiver.

Some of the newest wireless technology uses infrared transmissions. The digital signals from these systems are essentially “beamed” from the transmitter to the individual receivers in each speaker. It is science fiction turned into science fact. The best part? You do not lose any sound quality.

Music in any room is great. But what about listening to sports or your favorite talk show when you’re away from the TV? That’s a beautiful thing. By connecting your TV to your home system, you can find out who the father is, or never miss a play. Avoid the anxiety of deciding when to refill your popcorn or run to the bathroom for fear of missing a crucial moment by syncing your television. Say you need sound in the garage, but not the nursery. You can select the output of your wireless speaker system from your smartphone.

There are wireless speaker options to meet every home or business need. Our team will help you figure out what works best for you. Check out our Sonos Vs. Heos Blog for a comparative review on 2 of our favorite lines of wireless home speaker.