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Bank on the Smart Home TV Hub

Advantages of the Smart Home TV Hub

Bank on the Smart Home TV Hub

Home automation is becoming more of a standard than a luxury. Technology companies are looking for ways to make controlling smart devices more user-friendly. They started by making your home smart devices accessible through your smartphone. This was genius because we all have one, we keep them with us, and we rely on them daily. However, there is a new movement in the smart home industry. The smart home TV hub connects all of the smart devices in your home, similarly to the way your smart phone can now. Companies are banking on this new idea, and here’s why:

You might want to do some binge watching or enjoy family time with less distraction. An easy way to do that is to put the phone on silent and stick it somewhere out of sight. Soon you will be able to receive notifications and control your smart home devices through your smart home TV hub. Time can be spent with family with the TV running in the background, or you can watch your favorite shows with notifications turned on. These are both easy ways to stay connected. You can easily turn off lights in another room or adjust the temperature without ever leaving the couch. Without your smartphone controlling your smart home devices, you are less likely to succumb to checking social media or e-mail despite your best intentions.

Myriad companies are launching TVs that will either serve as home-automation hubs or connect to a hub in order to control multiple home systems.

LG’s new smart TV with WebOS 3.0 will deliver onscreen control and monitoring of LG smart appliances and compatible other-brand products via Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It uses the AlllSeen Alliance’s AllJoyn home-automation standard. Compatible appliances include washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, robotic vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners.

Samsung will turn its 2016 smart SUHD TV into a home-automation hub system via their TV screen. In addition, these and other new Wi-Fi-equipped Samsung smart TVs will integrate with SmartThings home-automation systems, enabling consumers to control certain TV features through the SmartThings’ smartphone app and incorporate the TV into smart-home scenes. Consumers will be able to use their TV’s remote and on-screen user interface to view security-camera video, lock and unlock doors, control lights, and control speakers and soundbars that incorporate Samsung’s wireless multiroom-audio technology. With the USB adapter, consumers will be able to see motion-sensor alerts pop up on the TV screen, view security-camera video, and automatically adjust ambient lighting in the TV room as well as surround sound modes when turning on a movie. The devices can also be monitored and controlled from a smartphone’s SmartThings app, which lets people manage all smart-home devices and services through a single user interface.

Amazon recently released their new 4K Fire TV. With this device, you can now use a microphone built into your Fire TV remote to search for shows, movies, and actors; ask for a weather update; check sports scores. Currently, using the voice search will interrupt and take over your television screen. You will also have tot exit out of the update manually in order to return to what you were watching, however, your video will auto-play from where you left off.

While this technology is still forth-coming, it is an exciting update from Amazon. This could mean that there will be more additions to follow.

How would a smart TV smart home hub work? Well, Amazon has partnered with companies like WeMo and Philips Hue, and now supports their home devices. Once you connect your home device to your Amazon home assistant, you are good to go with wireless lighting and switch controls. Your Amazon device is cloud-based, and your home automation device connects to it with WiFi. These home automation devices will work without the Amazon device, or course, but the Amazon devices is the middle man that allows easy, convenient voice control.

The TV has managed to still reign as the entertainment king of the home. The TV is now positioned to be a great tool for managing your smart home. It is almost always the centerpiece of the home, and it is something that everyone has access to. Unlike a smartphone, it is always in the same place and in the event of an emergency, it will easily grab the attention of anyone in proximity with a security alert. If you are all about creating your own smart home, including a Smart home TV hub will bring it all together.