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Enhance Your Comfort and Wellbeing With a Smart Climate Control System

Create the perfect environment suited just to you, automatically

Enhance Your Comfort and Wellbeing With a Smart Climate Control System

Smart homes offer the convenience of comfort at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. While the decor and even lighting are important, temperature and humidity are the most significant factors to your general comfort. A well-regulated home environment influences not just your mood but focus and overall wellbeing.

Climate control connected to a Control4 system saves energy, helps you sleep better, and brings balance to your circadian cycles. Your home can manage itself through sensors and programming, automatically providing you with consistent comfort.

Are you intrigued by how a Control4 ecosystem can enhance your Virginia Beach, VA area home? Continue reading below to find out more.



Your network installation is a vital component of the modern home. Almost every device in a house is connected in some manner. From shades, lighting, security, and entertainment, all of it travels over cables and Wi-Fi. In addition, schools still rely on the internet for remote classrooms, project resources, and scheduling. Unfortunately, bad connectivity can put your child behind.

Keeping your network at peak operating levels involves knowledgeable planning in its installation. Whether you are streaming ultra-high-definition video, live gaming, multi-room audio distribution, or connecting school platforms, your home networking should be ready to handle it all seamlessly.

Are you looking to upgrade your Chesapeake, VA area home networking setup? Continue reading to learn more.


Dispense With Traditional Automation Interfaces, Use Your Natural Voice Without Repeating Yourself Or Privacy Fears.


Voice control of devices was a long sought-after feature throughout the early 20th century. The first practical unit was Bell Lab’s 1962 unit dubbed 'Shoebox.' The device could respond to a male voice speaking the numbers 0-9 and a few mathematical commands. We have come a long way with 'smart speakers' controlling lights, cameras, and more; they have become a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern home.

While voice control has become more popular, not all systems and devices offer the same feature sets or flexibility levels. The Josh.ai system provides a next-level, 21st-century interaction for your Chesapeake, VA smart home. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Continue reading below to learn more.

How to Save on Utility Expenses with Home Lighting Control

Make your Virginia Beach home more energy-efficient with smart lighting technology

How to Save on Utility Expenses with Home Lighting Control

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average household spends approximately 5% of its energy budget on lighting. While lighting isn’t the largest energy expense in your Virginia Beach, VA home (that honor goes to the HVAC system), it is an area where you can make practical changes to become more energy-efficient and cut your electricity bills.

A centralized lighting control system allows you to access, change, and schedule all your home lighting from a smart device like a tablet or smartphone. Lighting control can help you manage lighting more efficiently, cut down energy waste, and lower the monthly power bill. Keep reading to learn how!