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Outdoor Entertainment Speakers: DIY VS. Professional Setup

Know the Pros and Cons Before You Decide

Outdoor Entertainment Speakers: DIY VS. Professional Setup

While the cold winter weather may be keeping you from enjoying your Chesapeake, VA area backyard, now is the best time to make upgrades so that you can fully enjoy your backyard when warmer days arrive. At WSC Home Audio Video, we think speakers made for the outdoors take your outdoor entertainment to the next level.

Our personal recommendations are outdoor speakers from Origin Acoustics and Triad because they’re designed to withstand the outdoor elements while giving you the best audio quality possible. Once you’ve picked speakers that meet your needs and personal preferences, it’s time to decide whether your outdoor entertainment setup will be your next DIY project, or you’ll partner with a professional. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of both.

3 Inspired Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System

Take advantage of multi-room music to make your life more enjoyable

3 Inspired Ways to Use Your Whole-Home Audio System

Whole-home audio brings entertainment and enjoyment to everyone in your family. It makes your movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks sound fantastic no matter where you are in your Norfolk, VA home  including outside by the pool or patio! Centralized management of all your audio sources ensures that everyone in your household can access and control music whenever they want. 

With whole-home audio, your favorite music is always just a button press away. Keep reading to learn three ways to enjoy multi-room music anywhere at home.  

3 Smart Security and Surveillance Devices Your Home Needs

Make 2021 your safest year ever with the latest smart home security solutions

3 Smart Security and Surveillance Devices Your Home Needs

When was the last time you updated your Virginia Beach home security and surveillance devices? Home security technology is advancing year-over-year, and smart security devices benefit from proactive features that let you know immediately when something is amiss at home. 

If you haven’t updated your systems recently, you may be missing out on sophisticated smart features that deliver better protection for your home and property. Keep reading to learn three smart devices you need in 2021.

Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

Find Out How An Updated Home Network Can Make Your Media Better And Your Private Data Protected

Make the New Year the Time to Upgrade Your Home Network Installation

The new year is a time to review, refresh, and renew, and there is no better time to look at an upgraded home network installation. Your data network is vital to the operation of any smart home. Nearly all of your entertainment and home management devices rely on having a fast, reliable, and secure connection. 

Streaming content has grown exponentially in the last few years. 4K content from multiplayer games, video services, and even security systems can consume large portions of available bandwidth.  Having a network that can accommodate high demands without stalling and sputtering or causing other operations to fail is essential. 

Are you curious about what a network installation does and how it can enhance your Virginia Beach, VA Area? Read more below.